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Private companies

Private companies

Private companies

Welcome to the private employment section of Clone Earth! Here your clones of varying social status (from artisan and above) can find high-paying jobs in the enterprises of the settlements (Manor - Megapolis). You'll learn how to choose the right job and what level of salary to expect.

Conditions of employment and termination of employment

Private enterprises in the settlements can employ clones of various social statuses, ranging from Craftsman and above.

To do this, you must first settle in your own home or rent an apartment in the settlement where you want to place the clone to work. Living in the settlement is a prerequisite for employment.

The clone's stamina score must be at least zero.

Private enterprises require the appropriate tools, which can be purchased from the menu section "Trade" → "Toolbox".

Table. Work in private enterprises

CompanyRequired toolMinimal clone statusMinimum wage/dayNumber of experiences/day
SawmillPlaneCraftsman0.01 gold or 0.35 wood+4
The MillScythePeasant0.02 gold or 0.23 grains+6
QuarrySledgehammerCraftsman0.01 gold or 0.35 stone+4
MinePickCraftsman0.1 gold or 0.43 iron+4

On the employment page you can specify the job search parameters: the desired position, a particular principality and settlement on its territory, the availability and cost of places to rent. If you click on the job title, you can see more information.

Combining jobs

A clone can only work for one private enterprise at a time. After getting paid and being fired from one company, the clone will only be able to get a job at another private company on the next 24 hours, after the settlement hour arrives.

Once employed by a private company, a clone will not be able to combine this job with a job at the company:

The work can be combined with:

  • Any kind of business of your own. Read more
  • The Ambassador's Mission. Read more
  • Working as a builder of long-term facilities. Read more
  • By working as a trainer at the Boar Stadium. Read more
  • Conducting journalistic activities in the newspaper. Read more
  • Security activities. Read more

Warning. Working in a private enterprise, regardless of his social status, the clone spends 0.5 stamina units per day (in addition to the daily consumption of 1 standard). If on any given day a clone lacks the stamina to perform his duties, he will be immediately dismissed from the enterprise.

Note that the business owner may:

  • Change your salary.
  • Limit the number of vacancies at your discretion.
  • Fire any of the employees at any time.
  • Stop redeeming the resource.
  • Completely prohibit the hiring of hired workers in your enterprise.

Job cuts

If it happens that the owner of the settlement does not buy back the products produced by the workers (or only part of them), on the next day there will be an automatic job cuts (by no more than 10% of the maximum possible number of workers in a particular enterprise). Some employees may be laid off.

A special case of incomplete redemption occurs when an employee goes on a cruise on a pleasure boat. Such an employee is temporarily absent from his or her workplace: he or she does not produce products, does not expend stamina, does not receive wages or experience, but continues to be listed as an employee of the company. In this case, the company produces less product than the number of employees employed - respectively, the buyout will be incomplete, with all the ensuing consequences.

First of all, "absentee" employees (those who were on a cruise) are subject to reduction. Next, by priority, workers with the minimum amount of relevant specialized knowledge will fall under the reduction.

CompanySpecial skills
SawmillForestry skill
The MillAgraricultural skills
QuarryKnowledge of mining
MineKnowledge of ore mining

Remuneration at a private enterprise

Working in a private enterprise, each worker produces 1 unit of one product or another per day. At the end of the working day, the owner of the enterprise may redeem the products produced (all or partially) at any price, but not below the minimum price, or may not redeem them.

Table. Minimum redemption price of products by the owner of a private enterprise

CompanyProductive resourceMinimum redemption price Золотой (gold)
SawmillWood Wood0,02
The MillGrain Grain0,04
QuarryStone Stone0,02
MineIron Iron0,2

If products are redeemed in full, each employee will receive 50% of the actual cost of redeeming 1 unit of product.

If the products produced have not been redeemed at all, the employee's salary will be (depending on the company where the clone works):

  • 0.35 units Камень stone (Quarry).
  • 0.23 units Злаковые cereal (Mill).
  • 0.35 units Древесина wood (Sawmill).
  • 0.43 units Железо iron (Rudnik).

The owner, if desired, has the right to buy back some of the products produced. In this case, the employees will receive a proportionate share of their salary in gold coins and a share in the company's products.

Gold coins are credited to the game account, and the resource - in the inventory of the clone.

Remember that wages in businesses can be paid in gold or resources. Salary is listed in gold coins only if the resource in the enterprise is regularly redeemed by the owner (automatically or manually). If the owner does not redeem the resource, a salary of 0 is specified. If the column "Expected Salary" has a "?" in it, it means that there is no certainty about the level of wages, because the company is cutting jobs.

Attention! In contrast to state enterprises, in private enterprises the presence and value of any special knowledge does not affect the level of wages.

Warning. If an enterprise worker has gone on a cruise to distant lands, then, of course, he misses work at the enterprise without getting paid, without producing a resource, and without expending tools and endurance.

Wage accrual procedure

After the products have been produced, the owner of the enterprise has one day to redeem them. Salary is paid on the fact of redemption or not redeem products. In this regard, payment for the shift worked will be credited to the employee's game account one day after that shift. After employment, the first salary will be charged during the second paycheck (24 hours later): the salary the clone received today refers to yesterday's work day. Do not forget about this important feature.

Not a single shift worked is lost. When a clone is fired, he will receive his last payment the day after he is fired.