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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will I get paid for my article (first, trial - doesn't matter)?

Answer: If your article is picked up by an editor, then passed on to the Editor-in-Chief and approved by him, it means that your article is published in the paper and will be seen by everyone on Clone Earth. As soon as the article is published - gold coins (your fee) are credited to your account.

Question: Does payment for an article depend on its volume?

Answer: Not necessary. The amount of remuneration depends primarily on the quality of the work. The article should be interesting, and this is usually achieved not by a large number of letters, and the idea, style and literacy of writing.

Question: How will articles be selected for publication if there are several on the same topic?

Answer: The editor chooses the best quality, most interestingly written article from the papers that come to him. The promptness of writing an article is also important, especially if articles on the same topic are written by players in a tournament.

Question: What is the fee for a single publication?

Answer: The amount of your bonus will depend on the Editor-in-Chief's evaluation of your work. The average prize, regardless of the format of the publication - an article, an article, or a creative work - is currently between 1 and 10 gold coins, payable to the reporter and the editor. There are cases where a fee of up to 100 coins has been paid for very interesting articles.

Q: What do I do if an editor rejects your work?

Response: Check the text of the rejected article:

  • Editors can leave comments directly in the text.
  • Read again in your personal account, tips on how to make an article interesting and readable, check out § "How to write a good article or post?" on the "Your account" page.
  • Read your article, answer yourself the question - is it interesting to read it?
  • Does your work meet all the requirements?
  • If you still have questions, contact the editor who rejected the article by game mail.
  • Make any necessary edits and resubmit the text to the newspaper.
  • In the title, add the name of the editor who worked with it: then the article will go to him or her for verification.