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When the moment comes and you feel that you are experienced enough to do this kind of work, you can become a mentor. Remember that a mentor is a guide to the world of clones for newcomers. It is you who can bring up the future prince, or even Emperor!

We strongly recommend that you read Jordan Belfort's book, "The Wolf of Wall Street Method" (not to be confused with "The Wolf of Wall Street", although it is also interesting). Belfort will teach you how to become a great salesman, negotiator, deal maker, entrepreneur, and public speaker. His sales system is so simple and effective that it can bring success to anyone who learns it in just a few days. This game is a simulator in which you have the opportunity to learn and hone skills in practice! May success be with you!

Attention! At the moment, the opportunity to become a mentor is only available on the server "Metropolis".

How to Become a Mentor

You can become a mentor on "Jobs" → "Embassy" → "For Mentors

Write a small welcome text on the settings page to make your clone appear in the list of mentors. The text should be such that the student wants to choose you. At the beginning of the next 24 hours, you will officially appear as a mentor: until then, students will not be able to choose you as a mentor. You can temporarily stop your mentoring activity by checking the appropriate box.

Note that once you have your first apprentice, it will not be possible to change the mentor representative clone. One mentor can have an unlimited number of students. Even if you give up all the students, you cannot change the representative clone. But you will be able to choose a clone to receive bonuses (characteristics) for mentoring.

The list of mentors for each of the newcomers is formed as follows: every day at the beginning of the day a current list of all mentors is built, in which the clones are sorted by decreasing status, and if the same status - by decreasing account score. The potential student is then shown the first N lines of the list:

N=D5N = D * 5

  • NN - Number of lines shown with potential mentors;
  • DD - Age of student in days.

If a mentor was on the list yesterday, but moved down a few spots today and is not on the list, he or she will still show up on the list for that day and then disappear until it is his or her turn. Thus, the list initially shows the 5 mentors with the highest social status and account score (priority is given to status). If the student has not chosen a mentor by the end of the current day, the list is updated by adding the next 5 mentors, and so on.

If you are selected as a mentor, you will receive a system notification by game email. Notification will also come if the student has rejected the mentor. If you turn the student down yourself, he gets the notice.

If your student's account score or clone status is higher than yours, the tutor is automatically rejected. You will be notified by game mail 72 hours before rejection - so you will have some time to remedy the situation.

One mentor can have an unlimited number of students.

Mentor bonuses for students' social statuses

Working as a mentor gives you the opportunity to get good bonuses. When you upgrade any clone on your student's account, you will receive:

  • Passing to the Craftsman estate - 4 experiences.
  • Transition to the estate of the peasantry - 4 experiences.
  • Transition to the class of the petty bourgeoisie - 4 experiences.
  • Transfer to the merchant class - 4 experiences.
  • The transition to the Baron class is 400 intentions.
  • The transition to the rank of Count - 400 intentions.
  • The transition to the rank of Emperor - 1000 intentions.

You can conveniently set up the characteristics for any clone from your account without changing the clone that is working as a mentor.

Attention! It is forbidden to become a mentor in another account for the purpose of cheating and artificially obtaining bonuses from mentoring.

Attention! If a mentor offers a participant to re-register using his or her affiliate link, this is a violation and can lead to the account being blocked. Remember, affiliate income is an incentive for residents who engage in affiliate activities, not a means to pay kickbacks. We call for fair play and respect for the work of other project partners!

Mentor tournament

As students develop, they bring points to their mentors. The number of points is the sum of your students' account scores from the current year. According to the number of points scored at the end of the year, the winners of the mentor tournament are determined. If a student changes you to another mentor during the year, the points earned are saved for you, and the points earned after the change will go to the new mentor.

The winners of the tournament are the 50 mentors who have accumulated the maximum number of points for the year. The prizes are in-game resource packs, which can be a great help for you to develop your account.

You can see the overall ranking of mentors, which shows the number of points they scored. The list also includes those mentors who have temporarily stopped recruiting new students (the points they have earned are retained).