Infrastructure construction
Protection of the treasury of the settlement

Protection of the treasury of the settlement

Protection of the treasury of the settlement

The settlement's treasury, which accumulates over the course of a day, needs protection from attacks by bandits. This chapter contains only brief information about the organization of the protection of the settlement. Full information about the work of guards and thieves can be found on the pages "Jobs" → "Guards" → "Help" and "Business" → "Robber's Way" → "Robbery".

The War Department can reward especially distinguished guards by giving them a rare resource, the Black Pearl, for their victory.

Security Recruitment and Dismissal

Any clone of artisan status and above will do as a guard. The owner of the settlement may leave a brief description of his requirements for candidates (e.g., the desired level of military knowledge and type of weaponry). The candidate must apply to the desired settlement, and the owner of the settlement must either approve or reject it.

Bidders' applications can be found on the page "Investor" → "Urban Development" → "Defense". When choosing among the applicants, pay attention to the availability of weapons - both firearms and bladed weapons, as well as military training (the level of knowledge of military affairs, initiative, the presence of military rank). If the thieves have higher characteristics than the guards, and if their weapons are superior to those of the guards, then such a gang certainly has every chance of success. If you can't regularly review requests, you can enable automatic reception of incoming requests.

You can guard not only third-party candidates, but also your own clones (including the clone-owner of the settlement). Select your clones on the page "Investor" → "City Building" → "Defense" → "Your clones".

The list shows only clones with weapons (cold or firearms) that are not already members of any of the groups listed:

  • House guard.
  • Settlement guard.
  • Prince's squad.
  • Gang.
  • Bandit army.
  • A squad of cache thieves.
  • Prisoners of Basements.

Guards must take care of their own weapons, ammunition, health elixirs, and stamina. The owner of the settlement can back up his squad with only health elixirs if he wants. You will find the corresponding settings on the "Defense" → "Control" page.

A clone will not be able to participate in combat if:

  • His health score is below 10;
  • His endurance score is below 0.

If you are dissatisfied with the service of any security guard, you can fire him at any time. A fired (or voluntarily dismissed) security guard will only be able to submit a new application 24 hours from the date of dismissal.

Gang Attacks

Depending on the level of development of the settlement, its treasury can be guarded by different number of guards, and not every gang can attack it.

Table. Maximum size of guards and attacking gangs in settlements of different types

Settlement typeMaximum number of guardsMaximum gang size

Each settlement, regardless of its level of development, may be attacked no more than three times every 24 hours. The beginning and the end of the 24-hour period do not coincide with the beginning and the end of the calendar day - the moment of beginning of a new period is chosen arbitrarily for each settlement. Thus, in the current calendar day, the settlement can be attacked more than 3, but they will belong to different 24-hour periods.

When making an attack, each gang will carry a sum of money equal to 50% of the current treasury it is trying to steal. If the guards successfully repel the attack, these funds go as a ransom to the clone guards and the owner of the settlement.

The redemption is divided in the following proportions:

  • 20% is taken by the owner of the settlement;
  • 80% divided by all guards who participated in the battle, in proportion to the amount of military knowledge (taking into account the coefficient from the military rank, if there is one).

To increase the chances of guards succeeding, you have the option of building an additional defense system of black pearls. In order to finally eliminate the possibility of gang attacks, social policy should be developed in the settlement. This will allow you to activate the "Unavailable for Bandit Attack" setting.