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Treasure Hunting

Treasure hunt

Clone Land holds many riches and surprises. Among them are hidden treasures in the ground.

The owner of the settlement can activate the "look for the treasure" function on the Investor → Urban Development → Defense → Management page. When this function is activated, guards from the squadron can devote their time off to searching for treasure on the lands of the settlement. Each guard will spend 5 stamina per day to find the treasure, which will be spent by the owner of the settlement (and, if there is a shortage, from his Refectory) regardless of whether the treasure is found or not. If the treasure is found, the guards will bring it and put it in the treasury of the settlement, which will continue to guard.

The hoards are different amounts of gold coins (of random size). On average, the higher the technological level of the settlement where the treasure is found, the greater will be the size of the treasure.

The more guards take part in the search for the treasure, the better the chances of finding it.

The treasure, along with the rest of the contents of the treasury will be delivered to the game account of the owner of the settlement only at the beginning of the next day - so you need to organize a quality guard the treasury!

If there are no guards in the settlement, the treasure hunt function will not work in it.