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Social policy

Development of social policy in the settlement

Social policy

If you develop a Social Policy Level in your settlement, you will be able to influence the social conscience of robbers so that they will refrain from attacking the treasury of your settlement at your will. You can enable or disable the possibility of attacks on the page "Investor" → "Town Planning" → "Defense" → "Attacks on settlements".

The cost of social policy development depends on the level of the settlement:

Resource/Type of settlementEstateVillageCityMegacity
Oil products Nefteprodukt10000200004000080000
Sand Sand50100200400

The cost of development of social policy for each level of development of the settlement is given for the case when the development occurs "from scratch". If you have already developed a social policy at any level, you only need to add the difference in the amount of resource to resume it at the new level of development.

For example, you spent 10,000 units of petroleum product and 50 units of sand to develop a social policy in the manor. When the estate is developed into a village, the effect of social policy will be turned off. To include it will need to spend N1 = 20 000 - 10 000 = 10 000 units of oil and N2 = 100 - 50 = 50 units of sand.

If the settlement is located in a principality that has moved into the Technological Oil Age, the owner of such a settlement will have a 25% discount on the required amount of resources when building and improving the level of social policy.