Infrastructure construction
The protection system of the settlement

The protection system of the settlement

The defense system of any settlement against robbery can be strengthened with the help of black pearls. Black pearls can be purchased from the Trade Guild, earned in tournament and security battles, obtained from peacocks, or purchased black pearl mines.

A built and repaired defense system increases the amount of military knowledge of guards by a certain factor. This increase is valid only while working as a guard in a given settlement, during the battle with the gang.

Building a protection system

The cost of building an additional defense system, the cost of repairing it, and the coefficients of increasing guards' military knowledge are shown in the table below.

Table. Cost of building a defense system in the settlements

Settlement typeThe price of building Чёрный жемчуг (pearls)
Estate1 000
Village2 000
City4 000
Megacity8 000

The construction cost for each level of settlement development is given for the case when the defense system is built from scratch. If you have already built a defense system at any level, you will only need to add a difference in the amount of black pearls to make it work again at a new level of development. For example, you spent 1,000 pearls and built a defense system in the manor. When it is developed to the village, the defense system will shut down. To include it, you will need to spend N = 2000 - 1000 = 1000 units of pearls.

Protection system repair

Warning. Repairs are only performed in automatic mode.

The constructed protection system requires repair every 168 hours. If there are not enough pearls to repair, the additional protection is turned off for a week (until the next repair attempt).

Table. Cost of protection system repair

Settlement typeRepair cost Чёрный жемчуг (pearls)

Impact on guard characteristics

Table. Increase of military knowledge by the defense system in different types of settlements

Settlement typeRate of the guards' military skill increase
Estatex 1,5
Villagex 2
Cityx 2,5
Megacityx 3

Warning. When the settlement's defense system works, the military knowledge of guards can grow above the base limit of 1,000,000 knowledge. For example, if a megalopolis is guarded by clones with 500,000 military knowledge - in battle they will have 1,500,000 knowledge.