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Settlement treasury

Settlement treasury

The state of Clone Land seeks to encourage all city planners by paying them an additional subsidy from the "Settlement Owners Subsidy" fund. Read more

Note that the higher the technological level of the settlement, the larger the proportional amount of the subsidy will be charged to the treasury.

If there are securities on the account of the owner of the settlement, the treasury is replenished daily by the transfer of dividends.

The funds accumulated in the settlement's treasury are there for twenty-four hours. During this period of time, the treasury may be attacked by robbers. The task of the owner of the settlement is to organize the protection of the treasury by hiring guards or developing social policies.

Manual replenishment of the treasury

If you have good guards, you can independently replenish the size of the treasury from the game account. You can do this on the page Investor → Urban Development → Defense. There are three options for replenishing the treasury:

  • Treasury replenishment - a one-time replenishment for a specified amount.
  • Automatic treasury replenishment in case of robbery - replenish by a specified amount after each successful robbery of a settlement.
  • Automatic replenishment of the treasury every 24 hours - daily replenishment (at the settlement hour) for a specified amount.