Infrastructure construction
Repair of the settlement

Repair of the settlement

All settlements on Clone Earth need periodic repairs every 30 days. The countdown to the date of the next repair begins from the date of construction. Repairs are possible only by tertiary types of resource. The cost of repair for all types of settlements is the same - both for a small estate and a large metropolitan area. However, the final cost of repairing each of your settlements depends on how many settlements of all types are available in a player's account.

Repair cost

Table. The cost of repairing a settlement, depending on the number of them on the account

Number of settlements on the accountUp to 1011 to 2526 to 5051 to 7071 to 100From 101 and up
Staying power Staying power2224615
Wood beam Wood beam011123
Edged board Edged board111244
Mounting rail Mounting rail2124611
Wood lining Wood lining33591120
Foundation block Foundation block011123
Overlap block Overlap block111244
Facing plate Facing plate2124611
Brick Brick33591120
Channel Channel011123
Girders Girders111244
Corner Corner2124611
Fittings Fittings33591120

You do not have to control the repair of the building yourself, because there is an automatic repair function.

Table. Automatic repair of the settlement

Automatic repair+
Automatic purchase of a resource for repairs-
Maximum automatic purchase price-

Broken settlements

If a settlement is not repaired in time, then productive activity in it stops. Enterprises stop generating resources, and workers are notified by game mail. Wages are not paid during this period. However, employees are not automatically laid off from their jobs.

In addition, collectors and other authorized persons stop delivering to the treasury of the unrepaired settlement the monies due: dividends on securities, subsidies from the Principality, subsidies from the superior settlement. Dividends will be lost until the settlement is repaired, and the amount of the subsidy will be divided and paid only to the repaired settlements. Production of goods and products in the factories of the unrepaired settlement is unavailable.

If the user's account has at least one unrepaired settlement, you will not be able to place a lot on the Currency Exchange Trade Guild.

If the settlement is not repaired for a long time, every 30 days the total cost of repair increases. For example, if there has been no repair for two months, it would take 2 sets of resources to repair, and if there has been no repair for 10 months, it would take 10 sets of resources to repair it.

Unrepaired settlements are not taken into account when calculating a clone's property score and player account score.