Infrastructure construction
Stages of development

Stages of development of the settlement

A settlement in Clone Land is part of the territory of a particular Principality. This territory belongs to a clone and is managed by that clone.

Levels of development

There are a total of 4 levels of settlement development: manor, village, city, megalopolis.

Your settlement can evolve by consistently improving its level:

  • Manor → Village → City → Metropolis

The ability to level up depends directly on the social status of your clone. Clones of Peasant or higher social status can build an Estate and develop it into a Village. Further upgrades are available to clones of Merchant or higher status.

The owner of the settlement gets additional opportunities from its development:

  • The higher the level of development , the more products can be produced in enterprises.
  • Starting at the "Village" level of development, you may be joined by other settlements of a lower level.

How to increase the level of development of the settlement?

In order to increase the level of development, it is necessary to:

  • Develop all production enterprises (sawmill, mill, quarry, mine) to the maximum (IV) level.
  • Perform the additional conditions listed in the table below.

Table. Conditions for increasing the level of settlement

Switching between levelsMinimum StatusFeaturesResidentsMore
Manor House → The VillagePeasant PeasantPrudence Judgment: 20; Харизма Charisma: 20Population: 50 or more-
Village → CityPhilistine PhilistinePrudence Judgment: 50; Харизма Charisma: 50Population: 500 or more10 subsidiary estates
City → MegapolisPhilistine PhilistinePrudence Judgment: 50; Харизма Charisma: 50Population: 1000 and more10 daughter villages

Warning. In "Population" only inhabitants of the settlement to be upgraded are counted, as well as inhabitants of all settlements directly subordinate to this one. For example, the inhabitants of an estate subordinate to a village that is subordinate to a city will not be counted when raising the city level. Only city and village residents will be counted. But if the estate is subordinate to the city directly - its residents will be counted.

Warning. As you level up, the clone consumes game characteristics (Judgment and Charisma).

When all the conditions are met, the next level icon will become active and you have the opportunity to improve your settlement on the page "Your settlement → Level of Development".

The transition to the next level is not automatic, but at the decision of the owner of the settlement.

Special situations in developmental enhancement

Situation 1. Your settlement has reached the level of development of the superior settlement (for example, you have increased the level of the estate, which was subordinate to the village). In this case, you must choose another settlement of a higher level in this principality and move to its subordination. If you don't have any, you'll just come out of the former one's submission.

Situation 2. You have improved a settlement that is not subordinate to another settlement. At the same time in the principality there is a settlement of a higher level than your new level. In this case, your settlement must go into subordination to this more advanced settlement. If there are several of these settlements, you will be able to choose the right one. For example, an estate, when developed to a village, must submit to any city or metropolis in that principality (if any).

The megacity is the pinnacle of development. Honorary status as owner of Megapolis

The final milestone in the development of your settlement is Megapolis status.

Your mayor can now reap the fruits of his efforts to develop his settlement. The volume of production and processing of the resource is enormous. Profitability of recycled products processing at the enterprises reached the maximum level. Its metropolis is subordinated to a large number of settlements where manufacturing and agriculture thrive.

The presence of a megalopolis (in any principality) with the maximum level of development of production enterprises is necessary for the clone who is going to become Emperor.