Infrastructure construction
Gold mines

Gold mines

Gold mines

The owner of any settlement can open his own gold mines.

Construction of mines

The cost of building gold mines: free of charge.


This facility does not require periodic repairs.

Work at the mines

Only your own clones (who are on the same account as the owner of the settlement) can work on these mines. At the same time, they must reside in the territory of this settlement.

To be employed at a gold mine, a clone must be educated as a Geologist.

Clones engaged in gold mining cannot do other outside work:

  • Work at state enterprises.
  • Work in private enterprises.
  • Work at the Meat Factory (tasks).
  • Construction of real estate and long-term facilities.
  • Farming.
  • Service in the princely squadron.
  • Work in security.
  • Participation in robberies.
  • Conclusion in the basement.

Gold mining requires the expenditure of 1 stamina unit per day (in addition to other expenses).

Number of jobs

The number of jobs at the mines in the settlement depends on the level of development:

  • "Manor": no more than 15 miners;
  • "Village": no more than 60 miners;
  • "City": no more than 80 miners;
  • "Megapolis": no more than 130 miners.

The basic rules of the work of the mines

When employed, the clone will automatically buy a tool, a gold mining tray, at the price of 6.01 gold coins. The strength of the tool is 1 day.

The clone owner has the ability to set up automatic purchase of the tray by his clones. This means that every day they will automatically extend their work in the goldfields by buying a tool.

The settlement must be repaired in order to operate the mines. If the settlement is not repaired in time, the miners will work until the strength of the tool runs out. But employment and automatic renewal of the tool are not available. At the end of the working time, the miners will be fired.

If a clone is evicted for any reason and ceases to be a resident of the settlement, he will not be able to complete the work day. This means that the clone will not profit and will lose stamina. In this case, he will be refunded the cost of the tool (tray).

A prospector engaged in gold mining may find a large gold nugget. Such an event will certainly be reflected in detail in the news feed: the name of the clone, the location of the find, and the weight of the nugget. They say that there are nuggets with an estimated value of up to 30 gold coins! Who knows, maybe your prospector will get an even bigger nugget…

In online mode you can see the process of searching for gold and all finds of nuggets by your clones! At the end of the work day, you can see the total amount of gold extracted by each of your miners during the previous day on your game account statement. The found nuggets are displayed in the statement as a separate line immediately after they are found.