Infrastructure construction
Settlement construction

Settlement construction

Build a settlement

When calculating the value of a clone's property and the value of a player's account, the value of the built settlement and its enterprises is taken into account at the nominal value of their construction, with an increased coefficient of 1.3. The rules of accounting in the evaluation of constructed industrial factories and other structures are specified in the relevant sections below.

Prerequisites for building a settlement

To begin developing your own settlement, your clone needs to lay its foundation - an estate.

You can build your own settlement after a clone reaches the "Farmer" social status. One clone can build only one settlement. If you wish to develop several settlements at once, this is possible if you have several clones (or higher status) on your account.

Construction cost

Table. Costs of building a settlement

The landowner's charter The landowner's charter of the city planner1
Golden Gold30
Wood Wood150
Stone Stone150
Iron Iron30
Grain Grain75
Prudence Prudence30
Charisma Charisma30

Warning. Judgment and charisma are expended when building a settlement.

You can purchase a Town Planner land certificate at the Land Auction, where they appear as new lands for construction are found. Read more

The nominal value of the graffiti in various types of resources:

  • 10 stone.
  • 10 wood.
  • 1 iron.
  • 5 Cereal.
  • 0.25 gold.

A land certificate can be transferred to any clone of your account through the vault, but it cannot be sold. It is consumed as soon as construction begins.

To build a settlement, go to the "Settlement Creation" page and select from the list the superior settlement you wish to join (if any) and enter the name of your future settlement.

The owner of the settlement is a respected resident of the state, a citizen with a high level of self-awareness and responsibility. Under no circumstances can he take the slippery slope of robbery and robbery. And even if he had previously participated in plundering, he must mend his ways when the decision to build a settlement is made. Therefore, all criminal characteristics of the clone (criminal authority, thief's luck) will be reset at the moment of the beginning of the construction of the settlement.

Choosing the name of the settlement

At the time of construction you can give your settlement an original and unique name. To do this, use no more than 32 Latin or Russian characters (except for the letter "e"). Numbers, hyphens or spaces are also allowed.

Subsequently you will be able to change the name of your settlement. This option is available in the Clone Earth Office.

Table. Cost of renaming a settlement.

Development levelCost (gold)Golden

Choosing a construction site

The settlements in Clone Land are located within the Principalities. If there are no villages, cities or megalopolises in the principality, new estates are built directly on the territory of the principality. If there are such units, then an estate in that principality can be built on the territory of any superior unit. In this case, the new estate will be subordinate to this settlement.

Settlements can also be built on the free Imperial lands of the Clone State. If your settlement is built on these state lands, you can move it to any principality of your choice if you wish (only once). These state lands are a kind of staging post for those who have not yet made a clear decision about which principality to build their settlement in. There are no subsidies for settlers on public lands. It is also not possible to choose a superior settlement there. The exception to the choice is when the owner of the new and superior settlements is the same player.