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House treasury

An estate treasury is a special place in the home where funds going in there are accumulated and stored overnight. In addition to subsidies, the treasury may receive dividends on securities, found treasures, also the house owner can manually replenish the treasury by an arbitrary amount (for example, if he is confident in his guards and wants a ransom from thieves). The current size of the treasury in each house is displayed as a special line in your property list. Within twenty-four hours, the house could be attacked by burglars, if successful, the treasury could be stolen. The homeowner's job is to arrange for quality home security to protect the accumulated coffers. If the guards successfully defend the treasury during the day, then at the beginning of the next day all the funds accumulated there are automatically transferred to the gaming account of the house owner. You cannot manually withdraw funds from the treasury at any time.

Subsidies from the prince and the owner of the settlement

Settlement owners and princes can also assign subsidies to homeowners who have built property on their property. The payment of such subsidies is made by the appointment by the city planner or prince of a general daily fund for real estate payments. The amount of subsidy each individual homeowner will receive depends on the level of the home. The higher your property level, the greater the share of the subsidy you receive from the general fund. Such subsidies are paid in full to the homeowner's game account at the beginning of each day.

Homeowners do not receive these payments if the account has hungry clones (with a stamina rating below 0). Also, payments are not made to those princes and settlement owners whose stamina score (or the stamina score of other clones in their account) is below 0.

If on a particular day the game account of a prince or township owner does not have enough gold coins for the total payment, on that day no payment will be made to all property owners from such prince or township owner.

The total amount of real estate subsidies from each prince, as well as from each city planner, is displayed in the Registry of Princedoms when selecting the princedom (or settlement in that princedom) of interest.

In addition to subsidies from the prince and the mayor, the property owner receives various subsidies from the state. Read more

Manual replenishment of the treasury

If you have good guards, you can independently replenish the size of the treasury from the game account. You can do this on the Investor → Real Estate page (by clicking on the treasury of the house we need in the real estate list). There are three options for replenishing the treasury:

  • Treasury replenishment - a one-time replenishment for a specified amount.
  • Automatic treasury replenishment in case of robbery - replenish by a specified amount after each successful robbery of a settlement.
  • Automatic replenishment of the treasury every 24 hours - daily replenishment (at the settlement hour) for a specified amount.