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Treasure hunt

Treasure hunt

A homeowner can activate the Treasure Hunt feature for any of their homes on the Guard and Protect page. When this function is activated, the home guard will be able to devote his vacation time to searching for treasure in the yard. If the treasure is found, the guard will bring it and place it in the treasury of the house, which he will continue to guard.

The hoards are different amounts of gold coins (of random size). On average, the higher the level of the house where the treasure is found, the greater will be the size of this treasure.

A guard will spend 5 stamina daily to search for the treasure, which will be deducted from the owner of the house (or from his Refectory if he lacks it) regardless of whether the treasure is found or not. If the homeowner on a certain day does not have enough stamina for the guard to find the treasure, the guard will not search for the treasure on that day.

The treasure can be found no more than once a day in each house.

Be vigilant: in order to keep the treasure found, you need quality home security. The house treasury will be credited to the house owner's game account only if it has not been stolen.

If there is no guard in the house, the treasure hunt function will not work in it.