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Social policy

By maximizing the Social Policy Level in your home, you can influence the minds of burglars in such a way that they will refrain from raiding your home's coffers at your will.

The cost of social policy development

The cost of home improvements depends on its level of development:

House levelResource amount
1100 Нефтепродукты Petroleum product + 2 Песок Sand
2200 Нефтепродукты Petroleum product + 4 Песок Sand
XX - 100 Нефтепродукты Petroleum product + 2 - X Песок Sand
505000 Нефтепродукты Petroleum product + 100 Песок Sand

If you increase the level of the house, the Social Policy action in the house is disabled. After increasing you can also increase the level of Social Policy by spending 100 Petroleum Product, 2 Sand for each new level of the house. You must increase the level of the Social Policy if you wish to keep it in effect in this house after increasing the house level.

Discounts on policy development

If the house is located in a principality that has moved into the Technological Era of Oil, then the homeowner will have a 25% discount on the improvement of the level of social policy. Read more about the Era of Oil in the relevant section of the principalities. Read more

If the house is located in a settlement where the Social Policy Level is already maximized, the homeowner will have an additional discount to improve the Social Policy Level of the house.

The size of the discount depends on the type of settlement:

Settlement typeDiscount amount (%)

Castles have a magical property: if a castle has a maximum Social Policy, then the stamina consumption for training the Intent trait of a clone living in such a castle is 3 units instead of 4 units.