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Real estate for rent

Rent 1

You can rent any house where there are vacancies and whose owner has set the rental price per day not less than 0.0001 gold coin. To do this, on the page "Property for rent" you need to select the Principality, then the desired locality, then the house that suits you. Here you can also extend the lease manually if necessary, set up automatic renewal, the maximum price threshold for automatic renewal, and set up automatic eviction when quitting a private enterprise in the settlement. These functions will be available after the clone has moved into the house.

You can simplify the search for available rentals by checking the "Show vacant spaces only" box.

You can rent a house for any number of days (from 3 days or more), but no more than the maximum period set by the landlord.

Implemented the clone grouping function in the same house.

There are the following restrictions when renting real estate:

  • You can't rent a house whose landlord is up for auction.
  • You cannot rent a house whose landlord has set the rent at 0.
  • If the stamina of any clone in your account is below 0, no clone from that account may rent a house or move into his own house, or renew his current lease.

When renting a room, the rent for the entire selected term is immediately reserved from the tenant's account, then paid to the landlord by the day. You can cancel your rental at any time, and funds for unused days will be returned to your game account (minus the rent for the current day). For the duration of the paid term, your landlord cannot forcibly evict you, but will be able to change the renewal price or prohibit renewal for your clone. The renewal ban is set for 2 days from the moment of eviction, then your clone can rent this house again, subject to availability.

If the landlord raises the rent price, those tenant clones who have enabled the auto-renew feature and set the maximum rent threshold below the new price will receive a warning by game mail. The automatic renewal of the lease in this case is disabled, and the clones must decide whether to continue renting the house at the new price or look for another place to live.

Notice! If the days paid for by the renter have not yet ended, the clone continues to reside at the old price until the end of the term.

You can have clones of your account in your homes for free. If you have registered multiple accounts with the same personal information, you can have clones from those accounts in your home for free, too. In this case, the lease will be executed immediately for a maximum term of 299 days, regardless of the lease settings in this house. Implemented a convenient functionality of the group settlement of your clones on the account in your own homes in the tab "Investor" → "Real Estate".

In the "Real Estate Rentals → All Clones" tab, you will find a list of clones of your account who are renting other people's houses (houses not built by your clones). On this page you will be able to extend the lease or evict several clones at once, or one at a time, depending on your needs.

Renewing your lease

Since the lease term is limited, it must be renewed periodically if necessary so that the clone will not be evicted from the house at the end of the lease.

To extend your stay in the house, go to the "Rental Property" page and extend your lease for the desired number of days. The number of days specified at the time of renewal is added to the remaining days already paid before. The total cumulative rental period may not exceed the maximum number of days set by the landlord. Renewal occurs at the price that is currently assigned.

Your landlord may refuse to renew your lease for any reason. In this case, you will get a warning message and the lease extension will be blocked. The clone will be able to rent this house again after 2 days from the end of the current lease, subject to availability.

You can't renew a lease in a house whose landlord is up for auction.

Automatic rent control

You can turn on the "Automatic Rent Control" function. This feature prevents a clone from being evicted from your home because you forgot to renew the lease on time.

If you enable this feature (check the "Automatically extend daily rent" box), then every time before the possible eviction of a clone due to the end of the rent, an attempt will be made to extend the stay by 1 day. If the house owner has not set a renewal ban for your clone and you have enough gold coins in your account for the renewal, the lease will be renewed for the day.

Renewals are made at the cost of the home at the time of renewal.

You can set an upper rent threshold that you deem acceptable for renewal. If the homeowner raises the rent above this threshold, the automatic renewal will be disabled and the clone will be notified by game mail.

In addition, you can enable the checkbox "Automatic rejection of the lease when leaving the company". This setting will allow you to automatically evict the house as soon as the clone is dismissed from the private enterprise in the settlement. For example, if a layoff occurs due to a missing work tool and you don't notice it, you can save a little money by not paying rent. Be careful if the clone develops Intent - because when evicted, Intent training stops and the Intent score begins to decrease.