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Irrigation system

Irrigation system

Irrigation system

You can add an irrigation system to your home. The system built allows a 10% acceleration of the crop ripening process (the stage of cultivation of the agricultural field "Harvest in growth and maturation") on the fields near the house. Fields to which the irrigation system is attached will be seeded (or fertilized and then seeded) on a priority basis. Read more

Prerequisites for construction

To build an irrigation system, the following conditions must be met:

  • The level of house development is 10 units or higher.
  • The house is built on the territory of the Principality, in which the University is developed to level V or higher.

Construction cost

Table. Cost of construction of the irrigation system

Golden Gold0,5
Magic solar plate Magic solar plate1
Magic rain plate Magic rain plate1
Wood beam Wood beam16
Edged board Edged board32
Mounting rail Mounting rail64
Wood lining Wood lining128
Foundation block Foundation block16
Overlap block Overlap block32
Facing plate Facing plate64
Brick Brick128
Channel Channel2
Girders Girders4
Corner Corner8
Fittings Fittings16

The homeowner pays a fee of 0.4 gold coin to the Prince and a fee of 0.1 gold coin to the owner of the settlement (on whose territory the house is located) at the beginning of construction. If the house is not attached to the settlement, the owner pays only a fee to the Prince.

Each irrigation system takes 96 hours to build. You can start building in the desired house on the page "Real Estate and Renovation → List of Houses". To speed up construction, you can hire builders, completely similar to what you can do to speed up the construction of a house.

You can monitor the progress of construction on the "Build House" page. The scale shows the progress of construction as a percentage of the total construction time.

Repair of irrigation system

This building does not need periodic repairs.

Attaching the system to the fields

Several irrigation systems can be built in a house, depending on its level, 1 system for every full 10 levels of the house. The irrigation system is immediately attached to 10 fields, without the possibility of transferring it to another field. Thus, in the Castle (level 50) you can build 5 irrigation systems that will affect all 50 fields.

If you have fertilized fields in your house when you build the system, the irrigation system will attach to them first. If there are less than 10 fertilized fields, the remaining fields will be selected randomly. If there are no fertilized fields, then all 10 fields to attach will be selected randomly from all fields in the house.

The irrigation system is attached to the field once it is built, and then it cannot be transferred to another field. This means that even when a new crop cycle begins, maturation acceleration will only be applied to the fields to which the system was originally attached and not to any others.