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Property Repair

Property Repair

All real estate on Clone Earth, except dugouts, needs periodic repairs every 30 days. The countdown to the date of the first repair begins from the date construction begins (not the date it is completed). All properties are repaired in the estimated hour.

Repair cost

Home repairs are made by primary and tertiary resources, depending on the type of home. The cost of repairs for all types of houses is different and depends on the level of the house.

Water needed for repairs can be transported through portals from the Conquered Lands server or can be purchased from the Trade Guild.

Level 1-3 house

Costs / Home Level123
Staying power Staying power61010
Water Water123
Wood Wood123
Stone Stone123

Level 4-9 house

Costs / Home Level456789
Staying power Staying power151620212223
Water Water456789
Wood beam Wood beam401111
Edged board Edged board501122
Mounting rail Mounting rail312324
Wood lining Wood lining112435
Foundation block Foundation block-11111
Overlap block Overlap block-11122
Facing plate Facing plate-12324
Brick Brick-22445
Channel Channel------
Girders Girders-11111
Corner Corner-1-131
Fittings Fittings1132-5

Level 10-17 house

Costs / Home Level1011121314151617
Staying power Staying power2425262829221520
Water Water1011121314151617
Wood beam Wood beam11111111
Edged board Edged board22121222
Mounting rail Mounting rail33241233
Wood lining Wood lining54444244
Foundation block Foundation block11111111
Overlap block Overlap block22121222
Facing plate Facing plate33241233
Brick Brick54445245
Channel Channel11111111
Girders Girders11112222
Corner Corner--331144
Fittings Fittings13--4623

Level 18-24 house

Costs / Home Level18192021222324
Staying power Staying power2118201510107
Water Water18192021222324
Wood beam Wood beam1112222
Edged board Edged board2233333
Mounting rail Mounting rail4533333
Wood lining Wood lining652226-
Foundation block Foundation block1112222
Overlap block Overlap block2233333
Facing plate Facing plate4533333
Brick Brick652126-
Channel Channel1112222
Girders Girders2221223
Corner Corner4762234
Fittings Fittings4-49763

Level 25-31 house

Costs / Home Level25262728293031
Staying power Staying power1418161917610
Water Water25262728293031
Wood beam Wood beam2333333
Edged board Edged board3234444
Mounting rail Mounting rail3224543
Wood lining Wood lining3224523
Foundation block Foundation block2333333
Overlap block Overlap block3234444
Facing plate Facing plate3224543
Brick Brick4224523
Channel Channel2223333
Girders Girders3332233
Corner Corner2654325
Fittings Fittings7-3-35-

Level 32-40 house

Costs / Home Level323334353637383940
Staying power Staying power191415242619131718
Water Water323334353637383940
Wood beam Wood beam333333333
Edged board Edged board444444443
Mounting rail Mounting rail334555556
Wood lining Wood lining432656635
Foundation block Foundation block333333333
Overlap block Overlap block444444443
Facing plate Facing plate334555556
Brick Brick343565635
Channel Channel333333333
Girders Girders333333444
Corner Corner345434434
Fittings Fittings443477587

Level 41-50 house

Costs / Home Level41424344454647484950
Staying power Staying power19303136352121272529
Water Water41424344454647484950
Wood beam Wood beam3444444444
Edged board Edged board4344444444
Mounting rail Mounting rail4433344444
Wood lining Wood lining5322343445
Foundation block Foundation block3444444444
Overlap block Overlap block4344444444
Facing plate Facing plate4433344444
Brick Brick5323344346
Channel Channel3444444444
Girders Girders4344444444
Corner Corner7243344255
Fittings Fittings27-2338233

You do not have to control the repair of the building yourself, because there is an automatic repair function.

Table. Automatic real estate repair

Automatic repair+
Automatic purchase of a resource for repairs-
Maximum automatic purchase price-

Consequences of unrepaired real estate

If the house is not repaired in time, it is forbidden to rent in it for safety reasons.

Because of the difficulty of accessing a broken building, collectors stop delivering to the coffers of such a house the monies due: dividends on securities, subsidies from the principality, subsidies from the settlement. The dividend deductions will be lost until the house is repaired, and the subsidy amount will be divided and paid only on the repaired houses.

If there is even one broken house on the user's account, it will be impossible to create a lot on the currency exchange in the trading guild. It will also be impossible to assign clones to cultivate the agricultural fields that are near the broken house. In this case, the already processed fields will successfully complete their processing cycle.

If the house is not repaired for a long time, every 30 days the total cost of repair increases. For example, if it has not been repaired for two months, you would need 2 resource sets to repair it, and if it has not been repaired for 10 months, you would need 10 resource sets to repair it.

Home renovations are available on the Investor - Renovations page. Here you can see how many days are left until the next repair of a particular house, or (if the house has not been repaired) how many days ago the previous repair was made. The inscription "N days without repair" means that the previous repair was done N days ago (not that the house broke down N days ago).

Broken real estate is not taken into account when calculating a clone's property score and player account score. Also, a broken house cannot be improved with the Hospitality Elixir - you must first repair the building.