Infrastructure construction
Real estate
Property level

Property level

Property level Property level

All real estate has its base level of development (minimum - 0 for a dugout, maximum - 50 for a castle).

Conditionally, real estate is divided into 3 types, depending on the level.

Table. Levels of real estate


The level of the house determines:

  • The maximum number of clones that can reside in it.
  • The number of servants that can work in the house.
  • The number of land plots allocated by the state for agriculture.
  • The amount of subsidies paid daily to the homeowner from the state, the prince, and the city manager.
  • The amount of stamina required to develop 1 unit of the Intention trait.
  • The amount of stamina a living clone can regenerate each day.
  • Number of safes for storing securities.
  • Ability to build a takeoff and landing pad for resting alien dragons during departure.
  • Possibility to keep a dragon (available only in a castle with a built cave).

The current home base level can be increased by applying the elixir Эликсир «Гостеприимный кров» "Hospitable Shelter".