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Transfer of the house

Transfer of the house

If necessary, the homeowner can completely transfer the right to manage a particular house (pass the keys to the house) to another clone of his account. This can be done on Investor → Real Estate → All Clones or Current Clone. Click on the icon of the desired house to make the transfer.

The cost of the transfer is 2.5 gold coins for each level of the house. Thus, the maximum commission for the transfer of the Castle will be 125 gold coins.

The house to be transferred, as well as the transmitting and receiving clones, must meet the following requirements:

  • You can't pass on Zemlyanka.
  • The house must be repaired.
  • The maid's wage fund should be 0.
  • There should be no agricultural work going on in the fields at home.
  • The house should not be raided by burglars at the time of the transfer.
  • There should be no construction of a drainage system, irrigation system or cave.
  • The transmitting and receiving clones must be on the same account.
  • The transferring and receiving clones must not be in the auctions.
  • The accepting clone must have a social status higher than that of a vagrant.