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Accommodation in the house

Accommodation in the house

Living in a house is not a prerequisite for a clone's existence. But if you have a place of residence, additional opportunities open up before the clone. Below you can read about the main ones.

Work at private enterprises in the settlements

If a clone wants to take a job at any of the private enterprises in the settlement, he must necessarily live in a house located in the same settlement. Read more

Jobs in these enterprises are available to clones of Craftsman status and above. It cannot be combined with work at state enterprises, but the working conditions and pay may be more favorable.

Daily recovery of the "endurance" characteristic

While living in the house, the clone will be able to regenerate a certain amount of stamina daily, which is measured as a percentage of the "daily stamina consumption rate". Read more

How much stamina is recovered depends directly on the level of the house. Each level gives +1% of the daily rate. Thus, a clone can recover daily from 1% of the daily norm (when living in a level 1 house) and up to 50% of the daily norm (when living in a Castle).

If the house where the clone lives is in a principality in which a level VI hospital is built, an additional 5% of the daily stamina consumption rate will be restored. A hospital of the required level is guaranteed to be available in principalities that have passed into the Megalithic Age (this information can be obtained from the Registry of Principalities).

Training of intention

Living in a house (owned or rented) also allows you to practice the Intent characteristic in the Refectory. Read more

Work on the construction of long-term facilities

If the clone works as a builder (on the construction of long-term objects - princely enterprises, palaces, wonders, great buildings, etc.), then if he has a residence, he will be able to reduce the consumption of endurance when working on these construction sites. Read more

The normal stamina consumption (without residence) at such construction sites is 1.5 stamina units per day. If the clone lives in a house located in the same principality as the object being built (or in the case of building within a settlement, in a house located in the same settlement), then the stamina consumption is reduced and is 1 unit per day.

There are two special cases of construction:

  • When building a Principality, a clone will always expend 1 stamina per day, even without a residence.
  • When repairing the Protective Wall, the clone will always consume 5 stamina per day. In this case, he must necessarily reside in a house in the territory of the principality. Clones who are not residents of the Principality cannot get jobs to repair the wall.