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Home protection system

Home protection system

Home protection system

The protection of your home against burglary can be strengthened with black pearls by building a home protection system with them (on Investor → Real Estate → Your Homes).

Building the system

The cost of building is 10 units of black pearls for each unit of the level of development of the house.


Warning. Repairs are only performed in automatic mode.

If the necessary amount of black pearls for repair is missing, the house protection system is turned off for 168 hours (7 days), until the next repair attempt. If you do not want to repair the protection system in a certain house, you can disable the "automatic repair of house protection" function.

Table. Cost of repairing a home protection system

House levelRepair cost Чёрный жемчуг (black pearl)
0 - 251
26 - 492
50Doesn't need to be repaired

The magical properties of the castle (level 50 home) with the built defense system allow you to constantly maintain the maximum increase factor of the guard's military knowledge equal to 3, without periodic repairs.

Impact on guard characteristics

The defense system gives an increase in the guard's martial knowledge (for the duration of his work in that house) in combat with a burglar with the following coefficients, depending on the level of the house:

Table. Effect of the protection system on the military knowledge of the guard

House levelThe coefficient of increase in military knowledge (%)
X1,25 + X - 0,035
50(Castle) 3

Warning. When the home defense system works, the guard's military knowledge can grow above the base limit of 1,000,000 knowledge. For example, if a castle is guarded by a clone with 500,000 military knowledge - in battle it will have 1,500,000 knowledge.

As the level of the house increases, the defense system needs improvement. You can set the defense of each new level built by also spending 10 units of black pearls for each new level of the house. If you increased the house level but did not improve the defense system, the system will continue to work, but with coefficients at the level for which it was built.