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House guard

On a daily basis, the Real Estate Treasury is formed in each home. Read more

The treasury is kept in the house for twenty-four hours. At the beginning of each following day, the amount accumulated for the previous day goes to the game account of the house owner, but for this he must within a day to protect his house from possible robbery. To do this, the homeowner can hire security guards, get watchdogs, build an additional security system in the house, or develop a social policy in the house. Read more about all of these features in this chapter.

The War Department can reward especially distinguished guards by giving them a rare resource, the Black Pearl, for their victory.

The minimum amount that must be in the treasury of a house to be able to loot it is 0.001 gold coins. If you have a smaller amount in your coffers, robbers will not be able to attack.

The thief can steal no more than the amount that is in the treasury at the time of the robbery.

If your house is not guarded, the thief will immediately take all the gold coins from the treasury. If there are guards, there will be a fight between her and the robbers.

Only one robbery can be committed at a time for each particular house.

A house may be subject to a certain number of robberies every 24 hours (but not less than one robbery):

N = L / 10,


  • L is the level of development of the house.
  • N - the number of robberies every 24 hours.

The fractional number of robberies is rounded according to the rules of mathematics. For example, a level 14 house can have 1 attack, while a level 15 house can have 2 attacks.

The beginning and the end of the 24-hour period do not coincide with the beginning and the end of the calendar day - the moment of beginning of a new period is chosen arbitrarily for each house. Thus, in the current calendar day, the house can be attacked more, but they will belong to different 24-hour periods.

If someone attacks your home, you will see a report of the attack under "Safety and Security → Raids on your homes". If burglars took your blood money - think, maybe you should increase security?

Hiring security guards

Security guards are the main force that can resist burglars in the event of an attack on the house. Any clone of artisan status and above will do as a guard. You can hire no more than one guard per house.

To ensure that guards looking for work in the "Jobs → Security → Home Protection" section find vacancies in your property, you need to turn on the "There are vacancies" checkbox on the "Security and Protection → Property List" page in the desired homes. Applicants will submit applications, which you must manually either accept or reject.

Applicants' applications can be found on the "Candidates" tab in each house.

When choosing a guard among the applicants, pay attention to the presence of weapons - both firearms and knives, as well as the military training of the clone. If the thief has higher characteristics than the guard, and if his weapons are superior to those of the guard, then such a thief certainly has every chance of success.

The hired guard develops his fighting skills in case of raids, and, if he successfully prevents the thief from attacking, takes his gold coins as wages (when attacked, the thief must have with him a sum of money equal to 50% of the gold coins accumulated by the time of the robbery in the house treasury).

If you are dissatisfied with the quality of the guard's work, you can fire him at any time, after which you can hire another one.

Hiring your own clones as guards

You don't have to wait for someone to apply to work as a security guard at your house, but instead arrange for your own clone (including the homeowner himself) to work there.

This can be done in two ways:

  • The usual way is for the clone you want to be placed in guarding to apply on the employment page, and then have it approved by the homeowner clone in the guarding section of the house, as described above.
  • A more convenient way is to select a guard from the list of your clones: the tab "My Clones" in the guard section of each house. This list shows only clones with cold steel or firearms on and if they are not already in a battle group (security of the house/village, gang, princely squad, bandit army, basements, cache robber squads).