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Hobo dugouts


The Tramp, the only clone in the user account, can only build himself one dugout house. Construction of other types of houses will be available to him only after he obtains the social status of Craftsman (or higher).

Building a dugout house is free and instant. You can build it in any settlement of any principality, as well as in the Imperial lands. Carefully consider the location of the building, because you can only choose a principality or settlement once.

Living in a dugout is uncomfortable, the only option is to grow beautiful flowers in a flowerbed near the house and then sell them at the fair. Seeds for sowing are available for free from the State Farm. You can get no more than two bags of seeds of each type of flower in a day. You can grow only 1 type of seed at a time, the full cycle from sowing to harvesting flowers is from 16 to 52 hours, depending on the type of flowers.

Only a hobo can grow flowers. Clones of higher statuses, even if they have a dugout, do not have this option.

Grown flowers can be sold at the Fair. Also, when writing a letter to the player by game mail, you can attach a bouquet of fresh, fragrant flowers and thus express your sympathy or gratitude.

Clones cannot live in the dugout, servants cannot work, chicken farms cannot be built there, and crops cannot be grown. There are also no cash subsidies.

In the future (after becoming a craftsman) you can upgrade the dugout into a house (1 unit of development) by spending 1 elixir "Hospitable shelter". You can continue to improve, gradually turning the dugout into a castle.