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Drainage system

Drainage system

Drainage system

If your house is at level 4 or higher, you may add a Drainage System to your house. Homes with a drainage system are considered more progressive structures, they are automatically included in the Guild of Builders, all members of which receive additional monetary contributions from the state. The presence of a drainage system in the house is necessary for the construction of the Dragons' Runways. Homes with a constructed drainage system are marked with a special Guild logo in the form of the letter G on the icon.

The state supports the development of new building technologies and transfers 1% of the accumulated Treasury to the Guild fund daily. Payments to Guild members from this fund are made to the game account in proportion to the value of the level of their houses.

Notice! The higher the level of your house, the larger your share of the Guild fund will be.

The amount of current state deductions can be seen under "Power → State Budget".

Owners of new drainage systems (built 1 year or less ago), in addition to the basic Builders Guild fund subsidy, are encouraged by the "State Aid to Homeowners with New Drainage System" subsidy. The amount of this subsidy is regulated by the state.

Building a drainage system

Table. Cost of building a drainage system

Golden Gold2
Flour Flour50
Wood beam Wood beam50
Edged board Edged board100
Mounting rail Mounting rail200
Wood lining Wood lining400
Foundation block Foundation block50
Overlap block Overlap block100
Facing plate Facing plate200
Brick Brick400
Channel Channel5
Girders Girders10
Corner Corner20
Fittings Fittings40

The drainage system is built once for each house, so further elevation of the house will not affect the drainage system, it will remain attached to the house.

Construction of the drainage system takes 192 hours. You can start building in the desired house on the page "Real Estate and Renovation → List of Houses". To speed up construction, you can hire builders, completely similar to what you can do to speed up the construction of a house.

You can monitor the progress of construction on the House List page. The scale shows the progress of construction as a percentage of the total construction time.


The drainage system does not need periodic repairs.