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Building a house

Building a house

Clones of the Craftsman (and higher) social status can build an unlimited number of properties, ranging from Level 1 House to level 32.

To build a Castle, you must apply Hospitality Elixirs to the building, increasing the level of the house by one each time. This elixir can be made in the Tower of Alchemists. Read more

In such houses, clones can live (rent someone else's house or move into their own), regenerate stamina and develop the "intention" trait, farm, store valuable papers in safes, build chicken farms and caves for dragons. Depending on the level of the house, its owner may receive daily cash subsidies from the state, as well as from the prince and the town governor.

Choosing a site

How do I choose a principality and a settlement to build my own house? There are several things to consider here:

  • Perhaps you need to build a house in your own principality and in your own settlement, in order to increase the population.
  • Perhaps you are looking for generous social subsidies. The highly developed empires have stable subsidies, but they also have the largest populations. Therefore, social subsidies are divided among more residents. As a result - the size of such subsidies may not be as high as those of relatively young empires. The latter are not yet stable. But because there are not many inhabitants, the subsidy often comes out higher than that of the highly developed empires. It is important to remember that the prince or emperor can increase or decrease payments at his discretion.
  • It is also important to choose the right settlement within the principality, directly in which your house will be built, because the town governors can also assign and pay social subsidies to their residents.
  • If you are going to farm, you should consider the presence in the principality of such structures as architectural Wonders and Megalithic buildings. The Principality's transition into the technological age of oil also provides additional benefits for the development of social policy in real estate.

The following construction options are possible:

  • Building a house in any settlement of any principality. This is the most common situation when the builder has already decided where and for what he wants to build a house. Once you start building, you can no longer move the house to another duchy or to another settlement in the same duchy.
  • Build a house in any principality, with no choice of settlement. This option should be chosen if you have already decided in which principality you want to build a house, but have not decided on the choice of settlement in this principality, or in this principality they do not. Subsequently, you will have the opportunity to move your house once to one of the settlements in this principality. If a house does not belong to any settlement, you cannot move into it or rent it out.
  • Building a house on the free "Imperial Lands" of the Clone State. These state lands are a kind of staging post for those who have not made a clear decision about where to build their homes. There are no subsidies for settlers on public lands, and it is not possible to select a settlement when building (the exception to selection is when the settlement owner and homeowner are the same player). In the future you will be able to move your house to any principality and to any settlement in that principality of your choice (once). If a house does not yet belong to any settlement, you cannot move into it or rent it out.
  • Build a house in your settlement, located in the Imperial Lands. This option is possible when both the house owner and the owner of the settlement are on the same game account. For example, you have decided to build and develop your settlement, but have not yet decided in which principality you will develop. In the future you will be able to move your settlement once to any principality along with all the houses that are located in it. A separate transfer of real estate will not be possible.

When choosing a building site you can always ask questions to the princes and mayors in the game forum or by in-game mail. In addition, in the Registry of Princedoms, when you select a particular princedom, you can see the payments made by the prince or owner of the settlement to property owners.

The building process

The process of building houses is not instantaneous, but stretches over time and depends on the level of the house being built. It takes 96 hours to build each development level unit. Thus, a house with 1 unit will take 96 hours to build, and a second level house - 96*2 = 192 hours, and so on. The homeowner can hire construction assistants to speed up the process.

Properties can be built using primary or tertiary resources (depending on the level). The cost of erecting different types of buildings can be found in the relevant section "Building a house". Read more

This section also displays all of your homes that are under construction. Here you can also hire builders to speed up the construction process.

Accelerating construction

The process of building a house can be accelerated by hiring outside workers. To do this, on the "Build House" page you need to select the house you want to build and set the total builder payroll and price per job in it. The size of the fund can be calculated as follows: multiply the price of the task by the number of required tasks (building hours), the minimum price per task is 0.0001 gold. If the fund is not spent in full, the balance will return to the game account at the end of construction.

As soon as the builder takes a task, the time to build a house is immediately reduced by 1 hour. In the last hour of construction of the house, the use of outside workers stops. The builder receives payment immediately upon completion of the task.

Thus, the construction of one level of house development you can accelerate from 96 hours to one hour, by hiring 95 builders at a time (issuing 95 tasks).

The higher the job price, the higher your job ad is ranked and the sooner you will hire builders on the Labor Exchange.

You can monitor the progress of construction on the "Build House" page. The scale shows the progress of construction as a percentage of the total construction time. Note that when a builder completes a task, it is the total construction time that is reduced, and the time elapsed since the start of construction does not change.


Consider a situation where you are building a first level house and have 95 assignments for builders. 95 builders reduce the construction time per level of a house from 96 hours to 1 hour. If hiring all builders occurs in the first 15 minutes of construction, then after that the scale will show 25% readiness (because 15 minutes have passed out of the required 60 minutes). If you set the job price to 0.0002 gold coins, then the total pool must be at least 0.0002 - 95 = 0.019 gold coins. Home Upgrade, Hospitality Elixir

You don't have to build a high-level house right away. You can build a house of a lower level, and then gradually, level by level, increase it as needed.

Applying one Hospitality Elixir to a house magically increases its level by 1 unit. The effect of the elixir is instantaneous; there is no need to wait, as in building.

This elixir can be made by yourself in the Alchemy Laboratory or you can buy a ready-made one at the Fair.

A top level "castle" property cannot be built all at once. You can only get a castle by improving your home with the Hospitable House Elixir.

You can improve any of your houses to level 50, and then it becomes a castle. Mandatory use of elixirs gives the castle special properties, thanks to which the clones living there get the maximum accrual of characteristics, guards receive additional strength against robbers (subject to the use of additional protection system of the house), and deep under the castle in a special cave can inhabit the dragons.