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Transfer of the Principality

Transfer of the Principality

If necessary, the prince can fully transfer the right to rule the principality (transfer the keys to the principality) to another clone in your account. This can be done on the page "Your Principality → Principality". A clone who is going to become a new prince must meet the necessary status requirements (Merchant and above) and not be the owner of another princedom.


The cost of transmission is 100 gold pieces. Once a transfer request is created, it will be processed within 24 hours.

Transmission rules

There are the following restrictions on the transfer of the principality:

  • You can't hand over the Empire.
  • The principality should not be in a state of siege.
  • The clone transferring a principality and the clone receiving it must not be in a principalities auction or be in combat (any).
  • There should be no unfinished construction in the principality.
  • The accepting clone must not be listed as a member of a gang or bandit army.