Infrastructure construction


Population of the Principality - a numerical value equal to the total number of levels of all houses located in the Principality.

A wise ruler is interested in settling his lands with new inhabitants. City planners lay out and develop cities and towns where residents can build homes and move into them. When they build or improve their enterprises, and when they redeem a resource from their production plants, city planners pay a tax to the prince. The prince also receives deductions from the tax levied on the harvest of all the fields of the inhabitants of the principality.

To conduct a competent social policy, the prince has the option of paying additional subsidies to homeowners and settlers. For this prince (as well as other clones in the account) must have an endurance rating of at least 0.

Real estate and settlements in the territory of the Principality increase the index of the Technological level according to the rules described in the chapter Technological level of the Principality.

Register of Princedoms

The Registry of Principalities contains detailed information on the structures available in the principalities, the amount of subsidies for city planners and real estate developers. There you can also find statistical information on the various items of income of the Principality. This information can be useful in making strategic decisions. To view it, click on the icon of the Duchy's banner.

A prince can create a brief description of his principality (in the appropriate section), which will also be displayed in the Registry. Directly from the Registry of Princedoms, any participant can write a letter to the prince by game mail by clicking on the image of the envelope.

For more information on the amount of subsidies, as well as the number of settlements and real estate, cultivated fields in the principality, click on its name. If your prince has developed the Embassy to level 3 or higher, he can also use the "Espionage" feature here by clicking on the corresponding icon.

The Prince's Reception Room

Any prince can create a theme of his princedom in the game forum in the section "Princedoms" to communicate with residents and solve various organizational issues. Before you create a topic, please read the Rules of the section.