Infrastructure construction
Oil rig

Oil rig

Oil rig

An oil rig can be built by a Prince who has upgraded all major refining and military enterprises of the Principality to Level 5. Read more

Building a facility

Table. Cost of building one oil derrick

Type of resourceQuantity
Oil Oil8000
Sand Sand400

You can build a maximum of 5 towers in one principality. The operating time of one tower is 500 days.

Repairs to the company

The company does not need periodic repairs.


Oil can be produced in minimum batches of 5 liters, costing 1 glass bottle and 0.01 gold, this money goes to the state budget.

From this item of income, the State makes payments to the funds:

  • 50% goes to the Oil Age Fund.
  • 25% goes to the Megalithic Era Foundation.
  • 25% - to the fund for the development of the technical base of the project.

Bottles can be made in a glass shop. Read more

You can also buy or sell bottles at the Fair.

Production limits

One oil rig can produce 2,000 liters of oil per day.

The extracted oil can be sold to other clones on the Commodity Exchange. Its applications are wide, ranging from construction to dragon-feeding.