Infrastructure construction
Smithy workshop

Smithy workshop

Smithy workshop

This company produces special trays - tools for gold mining.

Own production of gold sand trays and ingots can open any prince, who developed the enterprise "Princely Forge" to level II or higher. Read more

Prince can set up automatic tray production. According to the contract with the princely steel mill, all trays produced will automatically be redeemed by the state at a fixed cost: 6,007 gold coins. The prince cannot keep the products he produces.

Building a facility

Table. The cost of construction of the production of trays

Chrome Chrome300
Nickel Nickel300

Repairs to the company

The company does not need periodic repairs.


The plant produces trays in packs. Each pack consists of 10 trays.

Table. The cost of producing a pack of trays

Golden Gold59
Processed iron Processed iron5
Chrome Chrome1
Nickel Nickel1

Production limits

The volume of trays produced by the prince per day depends on the level of development of the Princely Forge enterprise in the princedom.

Table. Limit of tray production in the Principality

Development levelNumber of trays

All operations with produced products can be seen in the inventory ledger of the clone-prince.

State-bought products go on sale to all residents of the Clone Earths. They, in turn, can pan for gold in the settlements.

When a clone is placed in a gold mine, he automatically buys a tray from the state at a price equal to 6.01 gold coins per tray. Read more