Infrastructure construction
You are a prince.

You are a prince.

Prince is an honorable status in the clone world.


A principality is a territorial unit of the highest level on Clone Earth. Here you are a Prince and this is your country. You are a ruler and a businessman all in one. The creation of a highly profitable enterprise is in your hands. Your principality is a center for the development of settlements, scientific institutions, real estate construction, production and processing of building materials, petroleum products, consumer goods. For each principality, vast areas are provided for the creation of hunting grounds inhabited by different species of beasts. Princes have access to build such unique structures as the Palace, Great Buildings, architectural Wonders and megalithic buildings.

A huge size safe to hold a portfolio of securities and receive daily dividends on them. The improvement of enterprises allows the prince to produce more technologically advanced products, strengthen his military power, develop diplomatic ties and social policy, and thus increase the income of his principality. A strong principality and its army can always defend its interests against external threats. A wise and fair prince will become an authoritative figure, both among his subjects and among his neighbors. The creation of the Principality is an important step on the way to the highest title - Emperor of the Clone Land!

After creating your principality, you can create a forum thread to attract town planners and property builders. Principalities (Metropolis) (opens in a new tab) Principalities (Enclave) (opens in a new tab)

Treasury of the Principality

Each principality has a gold reserve - the personal treasury of the principality. Every day the state transfers to the treasury of the principalities 5% of the income from the training characteristic "Intent" at the University. This amount is divided among all the principalities in proportion to their technological level of development.

In the event of the defeat of the principality in war, this treasury would pass as a spoils of war to the victorious principality. This military profit will be paid to the victorious Prince and all his squadron in the proportions according to the rules of distribution of military trophies (chapter § Military life of principalities → § Princely squadron → § Payment of wages and trophies of war).

Principality banner

The proudly raised banner is the symbol of a mighty and free Principality! Principalities with a raised banner are ranked higher in the register of principalities.

The original banner of the principality is omitted. The cost of raising the banner - 100 gold.

The prince who raised the banner has the opportunity to add personality to his princedom - to change the standard image of the banner on his own. This could be, for example, the personal coat of arms of the Prince depicted on the cloth. To change it, send an image of your banner to the email address of the Support Service, also telling the name of the principality. The image must be 43x43 pixels in PNG format with a transparent background. Image changes are free of charge.

Building the Principality

Any clone with the status of a Philistine or higher can build his princedom. Read more

Repairing the Principality

Each principality needs periodic repairs, which are performed by a tertiary resource. Read more

Industrial factories

In the principalities available for the construction of many different factories, which can be processed resources and get a variety of products. Read more

Majestic buildings

A variety of majestic structures - megalithic, architectural wonders and great buildings - are available for construction in the principality. Read more

Technological level of the principality

By developing your principality, you increase its technological level. It affects different aspects of the game. Read more

Milestones of Development

As major princely enterprises develop, the principality will move into new developmental milestones, opening up access to new resources, buildings, or payments. Read more

Enterprises of the Principality

In each principality, processing and military enterprises are available for development, by developing which you increase the technological level and move to new milestones of development. Read more

Oil rig

Oil rig

Thanks to the oil derrick, the prince can process sand and obtain oil, which is used in various game modules. Read more



From the oil extracted, the prince can obtain a petroleum product, a resource which, often, is used to enhance the social policy of settlements and real estate. Read more



Baking his own bread is a weighty advantage of the prince. Read more

Smithy workshop

Smithy workshop

In the metallurgical shop, the prince can produce trays for gold mining and sell them to the state. Read more


Developing your principality, you can both do it yourself, and to attract to the construction of houses and settlements other players, thereby developing a huge infrastructure. Read more

Prince's squad

Periodically there are various wars in the Clone Lands, which may involve princely squads, so the prince is interested in having a powerful army both to protect his principality and to attack the troops of aggressors. Read more

Training arena

Training arena

In the training arena of the principality, all clones of the squadron can undergo training, increasing their military knowledge. Read more



The barracks built increase the capacity of the princely squadron. By developing them, you can increase both the number of ground troops and warships in the squadron. Read more

Defensive wall


The wall serves to protect the principality from enemy raids. Read more

Amber caves

Amber caves

This structure allows you to keep dragons in the principality and receive bonuses from the architectural wonders and megalithic buildings of the principality. Read more

Center for Genetic Engineering

Center for Genetic Engineering

Thanks to the Genetic Engineering Center, you can breed your own dragons from the Dragon Blood Drop. Read more

Hunting acreage

In the vast territories of the principalities you can open different hunting grounds with a variety of game. The resources you get from hunting are needed to make various potions. Read more

Transfer of the Principality

Any prince, if certain conditions are met, can transfer his princedom to another clone on the account. Read more

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions. Read more