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Hunting acreage

Hunting acreage

The lands of the principality do not stand idle. In the vast areas you can open different hunting grounds with a variety of game and engage in hunting. Read more

By developing hunting grounds in his duchy, the prince increases its technological level, as the state value of all built grounds (in gold coins) is added to the technological level of the duchy. Read more

Also, the purchase of the land gives the prince the opportunity to participate in the drawing of hunting tickets. Read more at Hunting → Ticket Drawing

Buying land

Table. Cost of buying land

Acreage typeBeast speciesCost Золотой goldCost in resources
Spruce broadleaf forest Spruce broadleaf forestMarten Marten450 Сапфир sapphire
Oak forest Oak forestFox Fox850 Аметист amethyst
Steppe forest Steppe forestWolf Wolf2050 Рубин ruby
Broad leaf forest, wooded swamp Broadleaved forestBoar Boar4050 Изумруд emerald
Mixed light wood Mixed light woodDeer Deer8050 Алмаз diamond
Pine forest Pine forestElk Elk10020 Золотое яйцо gold or 40 Серебряное яйцо silver eggs
Spruce forestSpruce forestBear Bear12525 Золотое яйцо gold or 50 Серебряное яйцо silver eggs

A certain number of animals can be placed in one area, which the prince procures from the state reserve. The more sites of each type in the principality, the more animals can be kept in them at the same time and the more animals are available for shooting by hunters per day.

Daily limit of animals

Each day, the prince can refill the maximum number of beasts, which is three times the size of his land.

Table. Capacity and limits of animals in the grounds

Acreage typeCapacityDaily maximum
Spruce broadleaf forest Spruce broadleaf forest40 Куница martens120 Куница martens
Oak forest Oak forest40 Лиса foxes120 Лиса foxes
Steppe forest Steppe forest80 Волк wolves240 Волк wolves
Broad leaf forest, wooded swamp Broadleaved forest80 Кабан boars240 Кабан boars
Mixed light wood Mixed light wood70 Олень reindeer210 Олень deer
Pine forest Pine forest60 Лось elk180 Лось elk
Spruce forestSpruce forest60 Медведь bears180 Медведь bears

Cost of animals

Depending on the type of the animal - varying its value in the reserve.

Table. The cost of buying animals at the site

Beast speciesThe cost of the beast (gold) Golden
Marten Marten0,001
Fox Fox0,002
Wolf Wolf0,0045
Boar Boar0,007
Deer Deer0,01
Elk Elk0,02
Bear Bear0,03

If necessary, the prince can set up the automatic purchase of a beast in the reserve, but not more than the maximum possible number per day. If all animals were purchased during the day, then, with the automatic purchase function enabled, the maximum number of animals will be purchased at the calculated hour. For example, if you have 10 lands for a marten and you shot all the martens in the principality in a day, in the estimated hour the prince will buy 400 martens.

The number of lands of each type is limited and depends on the current technological level of the principality. This amount can be calculated using the formula (rounding down the fractional result):

Q = L / (P - 4),


  • Q - the number of lands available to the principality;
  • L is the technological level of the principality;
  • P - the value of one site of this type in gold coins.

Hunter limits

A limited number of hunters may hunt in the principality at any one time: no more than 8 in each area.

Calculation examples

Calculation of the amount of land:

Suppose a principality has a technological level equal to 1,500 units. The prince wants to calculate how much Dubrava-type land he can build. The land of this type has a value of 8 gold coins. Thus, no more than K = 1500 / (8 - 4) = 46 "Dubrava" type lands can be built in the principality.

Calculation of the number of hunters:

Suppose a prince built 10 Spruceman-type lands. No more than 80 hunters can hunt in the spruce forest at a time.

Prince's income from hunting on his lands

The prince receives income from every shot fired by hunters in his territory. Namely, 50% of the cost of ammunition expended by hunters on that day. This income is credited to the prince on the game account once a day.

Hunting statistics for the last day, month or all time is available on the page "Investor" → "Principalities" → "Hunting grounds" → "Profitability".