Infrastructure construction
Building the Principality

Building the Principality

Clones that have reached the social status of Philistine or higher in their development can build their own princedom. A prince is a respected resident of the state, a citizen with a high level of self-awareness and responsibility. Under no circumstances can he take the slippery slope of robbery and robbery. If the clone was previously involved in plundering, he must change in order to receive the princely title. Therefore, all criminal characteristics of the clone (criminal authority, thief's luck) will be nullified at the moment of the beginning of the Principality's construction.

A principality can be built in two ways - for a secondary resource or for a tertiary resource. Below you can read the details of the construction.

Building for a secondary resource

Table. Construction of the Principality for a secondary resource

Processed stone Processed stone10 000
Processed wood Processed wood10 000
Processed iron Processed iron1 000
Grain Grain5 000
Prudence Prudence600
The Duke's land charter The Duke's land charter1

One builder uses primary and secondary building material per day: cereals 0.5 units, treated stone and wood 1 unit each, treated iron 0.1 unit. The land grant and prudence are expended at the beginning of construction.

Building for a tertiary resource

Table. Construction of the principality for the tertiary resource

Golden Gold50
Oil products Nefteprodukt10 000
Cement Cement350
Sand Sand1 000
Wood beam Wood beam1 300
Edged board Edged board2 600
Mounting rail Mounting rail5 200
Wood lining Wood lining10 500
Foundation block Foundation block1 300
Overlap block Overlap block2 600
Facing plate Facing plate5 200
Brick Brick10 500
Channel Channel105
Girders Girders210
Corner Corner450
Fittings Fittings850
Golden egg Golden egg20
Prudence Prudence600
The Duke's land charter The Duke's land charter1

One builder uses 1 unit of a tertiary resource and 1 unit of other materials per day. Land grants, gold coins, prudence and golden eggs are consumed at the beginning of construction.

You can purchase a land deed of the Prince at the Land Deeds Auction. Here they appear as new lands are discovered. Read more

You can pass the certificate to any clone of your account through the vault, but it cannot be sold.

The future prince himself manages the supply of materials for construction and hires the necessary number of workers for construction. Before starting a construction project, take a good look at the rules for hiring workers and resource consumption on the site. Read more

Only 30% of each type of resource (with the exception of those that are fully consumed at the start of construction) is sufficient to start construction work, and the rest can be added as the work progresses.

When calculating the valuation of a clone's property and the valuation of a player's account, the value of the valuation of a built principality is taken into account at face value of its construction with an increased coefficient of 1.4. The rules of accounting in the assessment of constructed enterprises, factories and structures are specified in the relevant sections below.

The prince gains 15 experience units per day, while consuming 1 stamina consumption rate. If there is not enough stamina to cover these costs, the prince will not receive experience.

A prince may combine his activities with his work in the enterprises and institutions of the Clone Land, according to the general rules. Read more

The prince may receive military ranks in the Order of Military Affairs on a general basis. Read more