Infrastructure construction
Enterprises of the Principality

Enterprises of the Principality

Each prince is able to develop several enterprises in his duchy, which gives him various advantages in civil and military activities. These enterprises can be conditionally divided into two groups: processing and military.

In the newly created principality, all these enterprises already have the first level of development. The higher the level of development of the enterprise, the greater the advantage it provides. The cost of developing all levels of enterprises, as well as a description of the benefits they provide, can be found in the chapter "Development Milestones.

There are several rules for improving businesses:

  • The level of development of any enterprise cannot be higher than that of the University in the Principality.
  • It is only possible to upgrade any enterprise to the next level if all enterprises of the principality have the same current level.

In other words, you must first develop the next level of the University, and only then proceed to the development of other objects. As soon as the level of all enterprises reaches the level of the University - you can increase its level of development again, and so on.

When calculating the valuation of a clone's property and the valuation of a player's account, the value of the valuation of the built enterprises of the principality is taken into account with an increased coefficient of 1.4.

Resource recycling

Processing enterprises include the following facilities: Metallurgical Plant, Stone Processing Plant, Grain Elevator and Woodworking Plant.

Princely industries are able to process primary products - wood, stone, and iron - into secondary products - Treated wood, Treated stone, and Treated iron, and cereals into flour or mixed fodder.

The quality of recycling, as well as the volume available for processing per day, depends on the level of development of the relevant enterprise - the higher the level, the less primary resource prince will spend to get 1 unit of secondary products:

Table. Stonecutting/Woodworking Plant

Enterprise levelGiving away a resource Древесина wood/Камень stoneGetting a resource Обработанная древесина treated wood/Обработанный камень treated stoneDaily limit (pieces)

Table. Metallurgical Combine

Enterprise levelGiving back to the resource Железо ironGetting a Resource Обработанное железо treated ironDaily limit (pieces)

Table. Grain elevator

Enterprise levelGiving back to the resource Злаковые cerealsGetting the resource Мука flour/ Комбикорм mixed fodderDaily limit (pieces)

Recycling is available on the Secondary Products page, where your current volumes and recycling rates are also listed.

Also, princes can leave warrants to process secondary products into tertiary products at the tertiary processing plant. Tertiary resource is a wonderful building material that is used almost everywhere!

Military objects

Military enterprises include the following facilities:

  • Princely University.
  • Princely Port.
  • The princely shipyard.
  • Princely Hospital.
  • The prince's forge.
  • The princely embassy.

By developing these enterprises, the prince improves the defense and military strength of his principality, and establishes diplomatic ties with its neighbors.