Infrastructure construction
Defensive wall

Defensive wall


To protect the principality from enemy raids the prince can build a defensive structure - the Wall. The wall will stop the enemy at the approaches to the principality and force them to use siege tactics, as well as take some of the damage from gunfire in the event of an enemy attack. Iron and gold from enemy shells stuck in the wall can go to the prince as spoils of war.

During sieges and battles near the principality's borders, the Wall can be subjected to varying degrees of destruction, so it will need to be repaired. If the strength of the Wall has fallen to 8000 units or lower - the Wall is considered destroyed and does not protect the Principality. In addition, the higher the level of the Wall is built in the principality, the higher the level in the principality can be built another structure - the Barracks, which affects the number of the prince's troops.

Construction Walls and Bonuses

Construction of the Wall should start at level I, increasing to level V if necessary. The ability to build a higher level of the Wall depends on the Technological level of the Principality. The presence in the principality built a wall gives the possibility to build barracks of the appropriate level, which allows you to increase the maximum possible number of troops in the princely squadron.

Table. Cost of Building and Improving the Defensive Wall

Type of resource12345
Processed wood Processed wood7501500250052507500
Processed stone Processed stone2000300050001000015000
Sand Sand8001200200040006000
Cement Cement30040070013502000
Oil products Nefteprodukt850012800215004700064500

Table. Conditions for Building and Improving Walls and the Benefits They Offer

Conditions/Benefits/Wall Level12345
Terms and conditionsTechnological level of the Principality > 2000Technological Level of the Principality > 5000Technological level of the Principality > 10000Technological level of the Principality > 15000Technological level of the Principality > 25000
BenefitsDurability 20000, ability to build barracks of the 1st levelDurability 50,000, ability to build barracks of the 2nd levelStrength 100000, the ability to build barracks 3 tierStrength 220000, the ability to build barracks 4 tierDurability 400000, ability to build barracks 5 tier

When building a wall, each builder consumes 1 unit of each resource, except for petroleum product, which is used 3 units per day.

Only 30% of each type of resource is sufficient to start construction work, and the rest can be added as the work progresses.

The prince himself manages the supply of materials for construction and hires the necessary number of workers for the construction.

Repair Walls

Repair the wall in proportion to the degree of its destruction, using all kinds of required resources. If any type of resource is missing, the repair will stop.

Table. Cost of repairing 1 unit of strength and material consumption by each builder

ResourceQuantityConsumption per day
Processed wood Processed wood0,10,1
Processed stone Processed stone0,10,1
Sand Sand0,040,4
Cement Cement0,010,1
Oil products Nefteprodukt0,33

The repair process is similar to the construction process, with the Prince himself hiring workers and monitoring the availability of material on the site. There is no automatic repair function.

The repair process takes place at the estimated time (after 00:00 GMT). The progress of the repair will correspond to the percentage of strength of the wall.

Each worker repairing the Wall consumes 5 stamina units each day. Only inhabitants of a given principality can repair a wall. If on any given day the Wall is fully restored but the siege continues, workers will not be dismissed and will be able to participate in repairs on subsequent days until the end of the siege.