Infrastructure construction



Baking bread on Clone Earth is a state monopoly and is carried out by the bakery. Only princes can order the baking of bread. The rest of the inhabitants of the Clone Land can buy bread from the Trade Guild. A bakery will not accept an order from a prince unless he has a name business letter.

The business certificate is acquired once for life, and cannot be sold or transferred.

Construction of the enterprise

Table. Cost of building a bakery

Type of resourceQuantity
Wood Wood500
Grain Grain500
Stone Stone500
Iron Iron50

Repairs to the company

This facility does not require periodic repairs.


To bake 1 kg of bread the prince must spend: 1 kg of flour and 0.02 gold (state tax).

Production limits

Immediately after acquiring the business certificate, the available bread production limit is 20 kg per day. If on the current day the limit is not fully used, production is reduced by 5 kg/day. In the case of full use of the limit, the production volume is increased by 1 kg of bread/day. The maximum possible limit of bread baking for one principality is 50 kg per day. The minimum limit is 5 kg per day.

You can turn on the automatic bread baking function. In this case, baking (if you have the necessary amount of raw materials) will take place every day at the calculated time, even if you are not online.