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The great warrior complex

The great warrior complex

The great warrior complex

The Great Warrior Complex can only be built in the principality where the Thermae are built. Read more

In this facility, clones can train military knowledge, judgment, and intention. The owner can make a visit to the facility only for his clones or for all residents of the Clone Age.

Construction of a structure

Construction of the Great Warrior Complex should start at level I, gradually developing it to level II or III if necessary. Construction and development costs are listed in the tables below:

Table. Cost of building a 1st level Great Warrior Complex

Golden egg Golden egg150
Amaranth Amaranth6000
Flour Flour4000
Flaxseed oil Flaxseed oil400
Megalith Megalith1000
Magic solar plate Magic solar plate200
Magic rain plate Magic rain plate200
Lunar plate Lunar plate100

Improvement of the structure

Table. Cost to upgrade Great Warrior Complex from level 1 to 2 or from level 2 to 3

Golden egg Golden egg100
Amaranth Amaranth4800
Flour Flour3200
Flaxseed oil Flaxseed oil320
Megalith Megalith800
Magic solar plate Magic solar plate160
Magic rain plate Magic rain plate160
Lunar plate Lunar plate80

Facility repair

This structure does not need to be repaired.

Visiting the facility by clones

Each visit to the Great Warrior Complex built in the Principality once per day grants a clone the following additional characteristics:

  • +50 units of military knowledge if the clone does not have a military rank or his criminal authority is below the "Moth" level;
  • +50 additional units of military knowledge for each level of criminal authority (10 levels in total, from Moli to Osprey) or for each subsequent military rank (from lieutenant/conet/unter-lieutenant to field marshal/admiral);
  • +1 unit of discretion.

If a clone visiting the Great Warrior Complex owns a Village or higher settlement, it additionally receives a

  • +1 unit of intent.

In one day the Great Warrior Complex of Level I can visit no more than 1,000 clones, Level II - 2,000 clones, Level III - 3,000 clones. Visiting the Great Warrior Complex (under "Character" → "Property Rental" → "Visiting the Great Warrior Complex") is open to all residents of the Principality. Vagrants are forbidden to enter the Great Warrior Complex. The Prince charges each clone a visit fee of 0.025 gold. 50% of the paid value goes to the state.

To visit the Great Warrior Complex, you must rent 1 seat for each clone. The minimum rental period is 1 day, the maximum is 365 days. At the time of rental the gold to pay for the visit is reserved for the entire term of the rental, on cancellation of the lease the gold for the remainder of the term is returned. The prince can manage the available seats: for example, to give access to the complex only to clones from his account, and for others to declare a lack of available seats.

Additional bonuses

Additionally, this construction provides the following benefits:

  • The fields in the principality with the Great Warrior Complex built are in a state of black steam for 1 day less. Read more
  • The Great Warrior Complex, like miracles, increases the "intent" characteristic of all dragons born and residing in the principality with the constructed structure by 5%. Read more
  • Every day the state pays 50 gold pieces from the Megalithic Era Fund, this amount is divided equally among all the princes who built the Great Warrior Complex (without regard to the level of construction). If the fund does not hold the required amount, payments will not be made until the fund reaches the required amount.