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The thermae is a very useful facility for clones. By regularly visiting the Thermae, the clone develops useful characteristics, such as initiative and judgment, as well as a more effective recovery of stamina.

Construction of Terms

You can only build the Thermae in a principality where the Aqueduct has already been built. Read more

Table. The cost of building Term

ResourceQuantityConsumption by one builder per day
Megalith Megalith15001
Flaxseed oil Flaxseed oil5001
Flour Flour50001
Amaranth Amaranth50001
Golden egg Golden egg1001

Facility repair

This structure does not require periodic repairs.

Visiting the facility by clones

Each time a clone visits Therms, once per day, the following characteristics are added to the clone:

  • +2 units of military initiative if the clone does not have a military rank or his criminal authority is below the Moth level.
  • +2 additional units of military initiative for each level of criminal authority (10 levels in total, from Moli to Osprey) or for each subsequent military rank (from Lieutenant/Cornet/Lieutenant to Field Marshal/Admiral).
  • +1 unit of discretion.
  • +20% of your daily stamina intake.

If the clone visiting the Thermae is the owner of a "City" level settlement or higher, he additionally receives:

  • +1 unit of intent.

All residents of the Principality can visit the Thermae (under "Character" → "Property Rental" → "Visiting the Thermae"). Vagrants are forbidden to enter the Thermae. The Prince charges a visitation fee for each clone, which is 0.025 gold. 50% of the paid value goes to the state.

The Thermae can be visited by no more than 1,000 clones per day.

You must rent 1 seat for each clone to visit the Therms. The minimum rental period is 1 day, the maximum is 365 days. At the time of rental the gold to pay for the visit is reserved for the entire term of the rental, on cancellation of the lease the gold for the remainder of the term is returned. The prince can manage the available seats: for example, to give access to the Thermae only to clones from his account, and for others to declare a lack of available seats.

In the future, the Thermae can be reconstructed to increase the number of possible visitors per day.

Extra Bonuses

Every day the state pays 50 gold pieces from the Megalithic Era Fund, this amount is divided equally among all the princes who built the Thermae. If the fund does not hold the required amount, payments will not be made until the fund reaches the required amount.