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Queen of the night

Queen of the night

The flower opens only at night, transforms the moonlight into a unique type of energy, which is beneficial to agriculture and the dragons that live in the amber caves of the principality. The structure must be covered with lunar plates, which are produced in the Alchemy Laboratory. The uniqueness of the design lies in the principles of its operation.

Any prince can build a miracle. Read more

Construction cost

The cost of construction is quite high. The state assists the prince in building the Queen of the Night by adding as many resources to the construction as the prince spends. Therefore, 50% of the gold brought by the dragons of the amber caves under the influence of the Miracle is automatically transferred to the state budget by the prince as a tax. This income item is transferred in its entirety to the Dragon Gold securities fund.

Table. The cost of building the Queen of the Night

Flour Flour5 000
Wood beam Wood beam13 300
Edged board Edged board26 500
Mounting rail Mounting rail52 500
Wood lining Wood lining105 000
Foundation block Foundation block13 300
Overlap block Overlap block26 500
Facing plate Facing plate52 500
Brick Brick105 000
Channel Channel1 300
Girders Girders2 600
Corner Corner5 300
Fittings Fittings10 500
Oil products Nefteprodukt28 500
Sand Sand4 000
Lunar plate Lunar plate250

One builder uses 0.5 flour and 1 unit of each of the other resources per day.

Only 30% of each type of resource (with the exception of those that are fully consumed at the start of construction) is sufficient to start construction work, and the rest can be added as the work progresses.

The prince himself manages the supply of materials for construction and hires the necessary number of workers for the construction. The hired workers will work only with the amount of resource that the Prince himself added (the resource brought in by the state Oboznaya artel from the State Reserve is immediately set by the state workers).

Repairing the Architectural Miracle

Every 30 days, it is necessary to carry out routine repairs of the Queen of the Night miracle.

Until a structure reaches 1000 days of age, you will need 1 Lunar Plate every 30 days to repair it. After the age of 1,000 days, the cost of repair changes.

Table. Cost of repairing the Queen of the Night after 1000 days

Wood beam Wood beam79
Edged board Edged board159
Mounting rail Mounting rail314
Wood lining Wood lining627
Foundation block Foundation block79
Overlap block Overlap block159
Facing plate Facing plate314
Brick Brick627
Channel Channel79
Girders Girders159
Corner Corner318
Fittings Fittings634
Lunar plate Lunar plate1

You do not have to control the repair of the building yourself, because there is an automatic repair function.

Table. Automatic repair of the Queen of the Night

Automatic repair+
Automatic purchase of a resource for repairs-
Maximum automatic purchase price-

Additional bonuses

  • The fields in the Principality with the built Architectural Wonderland are in a state of black steam for 2 days less. Read more
  • Dragons who live in amber caves begin to feel a huge burst of energy at night. The extra energy provokes them to fly out of their home cave. Along with an extra night's walk, they can find and bring gold to their cave. There are 5 levels of amber cave development in the clone world. The simpler the amber cave, the more gold its guests bring. However, given that the highest level amber cave can be inhabited by many more dragons, the total amount of gold brought will be disproportionately higher than in the lower level caves. A dragon that is not 100% fed will bring less gold than a well-fed one under the influence of the Miracle, and a hungry one will not search for gold at all and will be worried about problems of a different nature. Read more