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Great spike

Great spike

The mighty construction of the architectural marvel "The Great Spike" with the help of magic rain plates, which are produced in the Alchemy Laboratory, is able to magically attract majestic clouds, further irrigating the farmland with fertile moisture, thereby increasing the profitability of agriculture.

The Great Spike can build an architectural marvel:

  • A prince who developed the university in the principality to level 5. Read more
  • Owner of a settlement developed to a metropolis, with a technological level of 9440 or higher. This settlement must be located on the territory of the principality, the prince of which has developed the university to level 5. Read more

Building the Miracle

The cost of building on the servers "Metropolis" and "Enclave" is different.

Table. The cost of building the Great Spike on the Metropolis server

Golden Gold40,0196
Flour Flour21 942,5
Wood beam Wood beam14 606
Edged board Edged board29 213
Mounting rail Mounting rail58 426
Wood lining Wood lining116 852
Foundation block Foundation block14 606
Overlap block Overlap block29 213
Facing plate Facing plate58 426
Brick Brick116 852
Channel Channel1 460
Girders Girders2 921
Corner Corner5 842
Fittings Fittings11 685
Magic solar plate Magic solar plate288
Magic rain plate Magic rain plate288

Table. The cost of building the Great Spike on the "Anclave" server

Flour Flour16 750
Wood beam Wood beam11 150
Edged board Edged board22 300
Mounting rail Mounting rail44 600
Wood lining Wood lining89 200
Foundation block Foundation block11 150
Overlap block Overlap block22 300
Facing plate Facing plate44 600
Brick Brick89 200
Channel Channel1 115
Girders Girders2 230
Girders Corner4 460
Fittings Fittings8 920
Magic solar plate Magic solar plate220
Magic rain plate Magic rain plate220

Attention! If the prince has already built a miracle "Giant Sunflower", then to build the "Great Spike" he will need 20% fewer solar plates.

One builder uses 0.5 flour and 1 unit of each of the other resources per day. Gold coins are written off in full at the beginning of construction and are a government charge.

Repairing an architectural marvel

Since 1001 days after it was built, the marvel has needed repairs every 30 days.

Table. Cost of repair of the Great Spike

ResourceCost of repair in 30 days
Flour Flour167
Wood beam Wood beam111
Edged board Edged board223
Mounting rail Mounting rail446
Wood lining Wood lining892
Foundation block Foundation block111
Overlap block Overlap block223
Facing plate Facing plate446
Brick Brick892
Channel Channel11
Girders Girders22
Corner Corner45
Fittings Fittings89
Magic solar plate Magic solar plate2
Magic rain plate Magic rain plate2

You do not have to control the repair of the building yourself, because there is an automatic repair function.

Table. Automatic repair of the Great Spike

Automatic repair+
Automatic purchase of a resource for repairs-
Maximum automatic purchase price-

Additional bonuses

The rate of ripening of agricultural products (Fields in Growth and Ripening stage) on all fields located in the Principality or Megapolis, in which the "Great Spike" miracle is built, is increased by 5%. Read more

The construction adds +5 intent to dragons that are born in its environment. And an additional +5 intent if the dragon resides in an amber cave on the territory of the principality with the Great Spike built.

The state pays a special allowance to the owners of these wonders on a daily basis.