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The aqueduct is a megalithic structure that offers many different benefits to its owner. However, not every prince can erect this structure!

Construction of the Aqueduct

Aqueduct construction is available to princes who have all enterprises developed to level 4 or higher. Read more

Table. The cost of building the Aqueduct

ResourceQuantityConsumption by one builder per day
Golden Gold Coins300-
Megalith Megalith4 0001
Flaxseed oil Flaxseed oil1 5001
Flour Flour20 0005
Amaranth Amaranth20 0005
Golden egg Golden egg4001

Gold coins are written off in full at the beginning of construction and are a government charge.

The Aqueduct can only be built by highly qualified craftsmen with a special education as "Engineer of Megalithic Structures". Read more

Aqueduct Repair

All aqueducts on Clone Earth need periodic repairs every 30 days, but only if the structure is more than 1,000 days old. The first repair is made on 1001 days and then at intervals of 30 days. An unrepaired aqueduct ceases to function and does not participate in the calculation of the account score.

Table. Cost of repairing the Aqueduct

Resource typeCost of repair in 30 days
Salt Salt200
Saltpetre Saltpetre333

You do not have to control the repair of the building yourself, because there is an automatic repair function.

Table. Automatic repair of the Aqueduct

Automatic repair+
Automatic purchase of a resource for repairs-
Maximum automatic purchase price-

Additional bonuses

The Principality, on whose territory the Aqueduct was erected, engaged in agriculture in a more rational way. Fields can stay in the state of black steam for 2 days less than the usual period, and the rate of maturation of agricultural products (stage "Fields in growth and ripening") on all fields of the Principality increases by 5%. Read more

Aqueduct has a positive effect on the flair of dragons who live in the amber caves of the principality (not in the caves of the castles). They can bring in more gold. Read more

50% of the amount of gold brought in by the dragons of the amber caves (under the influence of the Aqueduct) is automatically transferred to the state budget by the prince as a tax. This income item is transferred in its entirety to the Era of Megaliths securities fund. Read more

If a dragon was born in a principality with an Aqueduct built, its Intent power is increased by 5%. This coefficient applies to the animal for the rest of its life, even if the dragon has moved to another principality.

If a dragon resides in a principality with an Aqueduct built, its Intent power is increased by 5%. This coefficient applies to the animal during the period that it resides near the Aqueduct.

The coefficients add up. For example, if a dragon was born in a principality with an Aqueduct and resides in the same principality, its Intent score will be 110%.

The state pays 200 gold coins daily from the Era of Megaliths fund to all the princes and emperors who built the majestic structure of the Aqueduct (the amount is divided equally among them). If the fund does not hold the required amount, payments will not be made until the fund reaches the required amount.

After each new aqueduct is built on Clone Earth, the state pays a bonus of 300 gold coins to princes who have already passed into the megalithic era (the bonus amount is divided equally among them).