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Vegetable oil factory

Vegetable oil factory

Vegetable oil factory

Flax can be processed into linseed oil at this facility.

Their own production of linseed oil can be opened:

Cost of construction

Table. Cost of building a cold press shop

Wood beam Wood beam170
Edged board Edged board340
Mounting rail Mounting rail680
Wood lining Wood lining1360
Foundation block Foundation block170
Overlap block Overlap block340
Facing plate Facing plate680
Brick Brick1360
Channel Channel17
Girders Girders34
Corner Corner68
Fittings Fittings136
Flour Flour250


The company does not need periodic repairs.


Flaxseed oil is an extremely valuable and useful product. To prepare 1 case (7 bottles of oil) you need to spend:

Table. Cost of producing a case of linseed oil

Flax Len100
Bottle Bottle7
Cap Cap7

Bottles can be made at the Glass Smelter, and lids can be made at the Kvass Factory. Bottles and caps can also be purchased at the Fair.

Production limits

Oil production limit: 3 cases/day (21 bottles of oil).

You can turn on the automatic oil production function. In this case, production (if you have the right amount of raw materials) will take place every day at the calculated time, even if you are not online.

Bottles of oil can be sold to other clones on the Commodity Exchange.