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Kvass brewery

Kvass brewery

Kvass brewery

Here you can produce a wonderful drink "kvass.

A kvass brewery may be opened:

Cost of construction

Table. Cost of building a kvass brewery

Wood beam Wood beam170
Edged board Edged board340
Mounting rail Mounting rail680
Wood lining Wood lining1360
Foundation block Foundation block170
Overlap block Overlap block340
Facing plate Facing plate680
Brick Brick1360
Channel Channel17
Girders Girders34
Corner Corner68
Fittings Fittings136
Flour Flour250


This facility does not require periodic repairs.


Table. Cost of kvass production

Golden Gold0,068
Bread Bread0,1
Bottle Bottle1
Cap Cap1

Caps for corking bottles are also made here. One box of lids (200 pieces) will require 1 machined metal. Lids are also available for purchase at the Fair.

Production limits

Kvass production limit: 10,000 bottles/day, caps: 50 cases/day.

You can turn on the function of automatic production of kvass and lids. In this case, your production (if you have the right amount of raw materials) will take place every day at the calculated time, even if you are not online.

Kvass bottles and lids can be sold to other clones at the Fair.

Consumption of a wonderful drink "kvass" is very useful. You can read about its properties as well as the peculiarities of its use in the Help section of the Refectory. Read more

State deductions from the cost of the princes for the production of kvass

A tax of 0.068 gold is levied by the state on each bottle of kvass produced.

From this item of income, the state remits:

  • 10% to the fund of the Imperial House.
  • 25% - to the state tournament fund (from this fund the state can increase the size of prize funds of tournaments).
  • 23% to the general fund of the Clone Land settlements. Payment to the treasury of each settlement of the Clone Land - according to the level of development.
  • 23% to the general real estate fund of the Land of Clones (payment to the treasury of each house according to its level of development).
  • 4% to the State Bank's securities fund.
  • 15% - to the fund for the development of the technical base of the project.