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Glass Workshop

Glass Workshop

Glass Workshop

The smelter can melt sand into glass and produce glass bottles. Statistically, 0.5 kg of sand = 1 bottle.

Bottles can be used for making kvass, oil extraction on oil rigs, linseed oil production, or sold at the Fair.

A glass shop can be opened:

Cost of construction

Table. Cost of building a glass workshop

Golden Gold5
Wood beam Wood beam170
Edged board Edged board340
Mounting rail Mounting rail680
Wood lining Wood lining1360
Foundation block Foundation block170
Overlap block Overlap block340
Facing plate Facing plate680
Brick Brick1360
Channel Channel17
Girders Girders34
Corner Corner68
Fittings Fittings136
Flour Flour250


This facility does not require periodic repairs.


It takes 0.5 units of sand to produce 1 glass bottle.

Production limits

Table. Bottle production limit in the Principality

Minimum level of development of all enterprises of the PrincipalityQuantity Бутылка bottles/day
Level 11000
Level 23000
Level 37000
Level 410000
Imperial Smelter (5)15000

Table. Limit of bottle production in the settlements

Settlement levelQuantity Бутылка bottles/day

You can turn on the automatic bottle production function. In this case, production (if the necessary volume of raw materials is available) will take place every day at the calculated time.