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Chemical Laboratories

Chemical Laboratories

The elements Chromium and Nickel can be mined in chemical laboratories. With the use of chromium and nickel planned the design and construction of the great buildings of the new era by princes and emperors. Also, this resource will be used by the state in large quantities for the construction of government facilities.

Own laboratories for the production of the chemical elements "chromium" and "nickel" can open:

  • Prince of any level: no more than 5 labs. Read more
  • Emperor: no more than 10 labs. Read more
  • Owner of a settlement at the "Manor" level: no more than 1 lab. Read more
  • Owner of a Village-level settlement: no more than 5 labs. Read more
  • The owner of the settlement level "City": no more than 7 laboratories. Read more
  • Owner of a Megapolis-level settlement: no more than 12 labs. Read more

Cost of construction

Table. Cost of Constructing Laboratories of the Chromium or Nickel Element

Golden Gold3
Wood beam Wood beam20
Edged board Edged board35
Mounting rail Mounting rail65
Wood lining Wood lining120
Foundation block Foundation block20
Overlap block Overlap block35
Facing plate Facing plate65
Brick Brick120
Channel Channel1
Girders Girders3
Corner Corner6
Fittings Fittings15
Cement Cement7
Water Water300


This facility does not require periodic repairs.


To produce chromium or nickel, a license must be purchased. The cost of the license is 7 gold coins. The license is purchased for 730 days. At the end of this period, you must purchase a new license.

The laboratory produces 1 unit of an element per day with a nominal value of 0.02 gold coins.

Production limits

The daily limit depends only on the number of laboratories built, based on the calculation of 1 laboratory produces 1 element per day.

Production works in automatic mode. If necessary, you can switch to manual production.