State funds and benefits
State funds

State funds

The state of the clone world is constantly generating revenue from the various game blocks. These are the taxes the players pay. Gold, which they spend on tools, weapons, education, buildings, and more.

Taking care of its residents, the state constantly pays a significant portion of its income to various gaming funds and social benefits.

Subsidy to owners of settlements

All owners of repaired settlements receive a daily government subsidy. Read more

Subsidy for property owners

Clones who have houses in their possessions, like settlement owners, receive a daily subsidy as long as these properties are repaired on time. Read more

Social subsidies

The Social Fund is derived from many sources and directs its funds to support clones of all estates, according to their age and status, and a portion of the Social Fund goes to the Active Player Fund. Read more

Active players fund

If your account score is above the game average in any of the categories, you will begin to receive a payout from the Active Player Fund. Read more

Charity Foundation

This foundation supports the lowest strata of the population, the Tramps. Read more

Treasure Trove Foundation

It is a large fund that feeds smaller gaming funds. Read more

Guild of Builders Foundation

If you own a property with a drainage system, you will be able to receive daily payments from this fund. Read more

Captains' Fund

If your clone owns 100 units of Rigging Practice, he is considered a qualified captain and receives payments from the captains' fund. Read more

Fund Raised Banner

It is paid equally to all the princes who raised the banner in their principality. Read more

Princely Foundation

All princes of the clone world receive payments from this fund. The size of the payment depends on the technological level of the principality. Read more

Foundations of Wonders

The owners of the architectural wonders Great Spike and Giant Sunflower receive an equal share daily from the funds of these wonders. Read more

Oil Age fund

Princes who developed their principalities before the oil age are paid an additional share from this fund. Read more

Megalithic Age fund

The next after the oil era is the era of megaliths. The payout to princes who moved into the megalithic era is much higher than in the oil era! Read more

The Emperors Foundation

Emperors are the most respected and wealthy people in the clone world. When you reach the highest status of the clone world, you will receive a daily share of the Emperor's fund. Read more

Dragon Gold Foundation

Dragons are ancient reptiles, after the 30th day of life begin to bring their owners gold coins, which are taken from this very fund. Read more