State funds and benefits
Dragon Gold Foundation

Dragon Gold Foundation

Ancient reptiles (dragons) daily bring their owners ringing gold coins directly to the gaming account. They draw these fabulous riches from the Gold of Dragons Foundation.

Below are all the game deductions that make up the Gold of Dragons fund on a daily basis:

  • 11% from Farmer Bob's seed sales.
  • 10% of Farmer Bob's superfood sales.
  • 15% from Farmer Bob's sale of kennel animals.
  • 10% of the commission from the sale of chicken farms.
  • 10% commission from renting boars of producers.
  • 10% commission on the rental of bulls producers.
  • 10% of the hog fair commission.
  • 10% from the cattle fair commission.
  • 30% of the dragon fair commission.
  • 10% of Colt's gunsmith's fund.
  • 10% of income from clone auctions, securities, literatures.
  • 10% of the commissions at the auction of the principalities.
  • 10% of the flea market income.
  • 10% from the trade guild fund.
  • 10% from the fair fund.