NFT: Guardian Bulls
Collection description

Game NFT "Guardian Bulls"

NFT's first collection of Taurus Guard bulls in the clone world is dedicated to bulls and will have a direct impact on the cattle block.

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Brief specifications

Brief details of the first collection:

  • Solana Blockchain. Read more
  • The number of NFTs in the collection is 10,000 pieces. Read more
  • Collection value. Подробнее
  • Utilitarian value. Подробнее
  • NFTs in this collection do not require periodic repairs. This is another of the unique features of this collection, as subsequent NFT sets can be released already with the function of repair or consumption of some resources to cover all the bonuses.


Ecosystem fund5005
Presale1 00010
Open sale8 00080
Total10 000100
  • There were 1,000 pieces sold at the presale. NFT at 0.5 SOL per unit.
  • Price on the open sale from 1 SOL.