The world of cryptocurrency

The world of cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies of various kinds are becoming increasingly popular around the world. Some countries are trying to limit them, some are trying to accept and regulate them, some are trying to accept and make the most of them. But many experts agree with the opinion that cryptocurrency is increasingly strengthening in the financial world, despite its high volatility.

If we look at the world around us, we quickly come to the conclusion that any static system becomes obsolete rather quickly. On the other hand, mindless tossing from side to side almost always violates the stability of the system.

From the very beginning of the Golden Clone project, we tried to use the most advanced technological solutions. But they were implemented only after careful analysis. The possibility of using cryptotechnology was also carefully considered - unlike the developers of many other projects, we did not rush to implement these innovations, first our experts assessed whether blockchain will really bring tangible benefits to our virtual world and its inhabitants.

After careful analysis, we concluded that cryptocurrency gives the project a lot of new opportunities and covers a potentially new market of users.

This section is designed to familiarize you with the basic properties of cryptocurrencies and NFT, as well as to fully explain all points relating to the introduction of cryptocurrency in our game world.


In this section, we will introduce you to the term blockchain and give details about the Solana blockchain, into which our project will be integrated. Read more

NFT: Guardian Bulls

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A set of mini-guides

In this section you can find detailed guides on how to create and link a Phantom cryptocurrency wallet to the game. Read more


In any case, where there are finances - it is necessary to worry about the safety of their assets. We will familiarize you with the basic rules of security in the cryptocurrency environment. Read more


For those who are not familiar with the world of cryptocurrency, many terms seem complicated and incomprehensible, even if you try to find an explanation on third-party resources. In this subsection we will explain the terminology of cryptocurrencies in clear language. Read more