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Mini Guides

Mini Guides

In this section you can learn in detail about the installation and binding to the game cryptocurrency wallet, as well as the peculiarities of buying and selling NFT. At the moment, you can bind to the game purse Phantom or Solflare. Phantom is currently one of the leading cryptocurrency wallets in the Solana blockchain, so we described in detail how to install it and connect it to Golden Clone. If you wish - you can choose a Solflare Wallet and study its installation and binding to the game yourself.

We do not officially endorse or otherwise endorse any of the sites or software listed in this section. You need to do your own research to determine what best meets your goals.

Creating a Phantom Wallet

Phantom is rightfully the leading cryptocurrency wallet for the Solana blockchain. Here we will describe in more detail how to install it on your PC or mobile device. Read more

Binding the Phantom Wallet

Here is a guide to linking your Phantom Wallet to your account on any of the Golden Clone servers. Read more

Buying NFT on the Marketplace

You can buy any game NFTs on the Magic Eden Marketplace. In this section, we'll introduce you to this feature and show you how to do it in detail. Read more

Selling NFT on the Marketplace

If you own in-game NFTs - you can easily sell them to other players if you want. This section is designed to show players how to properly sell their NFTs. Read more